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New Friends, New Adventures: Exploring With Burton

Unbeknownst to the travelers, they’re being shadowed by another group of travelers in a spirit world parallel to the Earth. Since his death, Albert has been enjoying travels with Sir Richard Francis Burton, the famous British explorer who now serves Timestream and leads expeditions through the vast and varied landscapes of the spirit world…. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman (3)

On this leg of our journey into shamanism we’ll drop anchor in northern Europe, then stretch our tether far and wide, through space and time… and beyond… to uncover the unlikely crossing of paths between (circa 1980s) a Swedish prime minister, (circa 1890s) an English explorer, a Russian scientist, a Siberian shaman, and (circa 800s) a poet living among Viking warriors. Continue reading

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The Human Story 9: The Afterlife of Sir Richard F Burton

I had no trouble finding a few men who wanted to accompany me. They are upright, honest men with stout hearts who could be relied upon in times of danger.

On our trip up the mountain we stopped twice to rest and to eat something. Every time I bite into a juicy bit of meat I have to remind myself that I am not eating part of an animal, but synthetic food. By God, it tastes better than anything I ever ate on that darn earth. M’banga oriented himself with the help of a map that was drawn by some pioneers. The mountain looked black and awe-inspiring. Finally we found the huge crater we had been looking for…. Continue reading

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