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New Friends, New Adventures: Exploring With Burton

Unbeknownst to the travelers, they’re being shadowed by another group of travelers in a spirit world parallel to the Earth. Since his death, Albert has been enjoying travels with Sir Richard Francis Burton, the famous British explorer who now serves Timestream and leads expeditions through the vast and varied landscapes of the spirit world…. Continue reading

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New Friends, New Adventures: The Big, White House

There’s a large, white house (on the Third Level) that everyone’s familiar with. Anyone can go in and sit for a while, chatting with very friendly people from all eras of humanity on Earth. It’s a gathering place where people get together to learn about rich diversity of human cultures. Continue reading

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Inside Timestream, As Reported By Albert Fischbach

Note: This is the second article of a series: Maggy’s father makes his transition, Inside Timestream, as reported by Albert Fischbach, New friends, new adventures: the big, white house, Exploring with Burton. In the previous article, Maggy Fischbach’s father Albert dies … Continue reading

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Maggy’s Father Makes His Transition

Maggy was very close to her father, Albert Fischbach, and after he died in the early spring of 1998… a series of reports were received by Maggy and her family, through phone and computer, to update them on Albert’s experiences as he adjusted to the afterlife… and those reports contain some of the most insightful information ever shared with our world about the adventure we call death and afterlife. Continue reading

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