Answer 11: Do Asteroids Have Troublesome Astral Templates

 (Note: This is the eleventh of the unanswered questions about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient heritage that invite answers, or best guesses, in this series of articles.)

Question 11:  If all material things have spiritual templates (as I suspect they do), then apparently asteroids created by the explosion of Eden also have spiritual templates. If that’s the case, would those “spiritual asteroids” cause problems for the astral world Eden, the way physical asteroids pose a constant threat to physical Earth?


This linked video might be the Best. Way. Ever… to get a sense of how asteroids menace and swarm like angry hornets around Earth and the other planets. (Earth is in the blue orbit.) The amazing video was developed by a former googlemeister, Ian Webster… ultimately with the aim of mining asteroids for their vast heavy metal deposits.


Best guess: While astral Eden exists at the third level of the Myers Model and is vibrationally distinct from the material universe, the astral templates of the asteroids probably exist at a denser level that overlaps closely with the material universe… a region of spiritual detritus that has spun out of the physical realm.


The physical asteroids are probably shrapnel left over from the explosion of physical planet Eden, some 4 billion years ago. While those physical asteroids became debris cluttering up our solar system, their astral bodies or templates probably are akin to Earth’s shadow world (see the diagram below). They don’t exist in the third level of the astral realm (the home of astral Eden), but are more likely astral detritus of the late planet Eden… the way the Earth’s shadow world is largely dense astral detritous (emotional as well as physical detritus) blanketing the physical Earth.


Compare this picture to one from an earlier post to get a better perspective of this (admittedly complex) scenario.

Interesting Puzzle Pieces of the Eden Bang Idea

Here are some related scientific facts that help the asteroids fit into the bigger puzzle of Eden’s explosion 4 billion years ago.

  • Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB). “By using crater counting methods to estimate ages on these scarred worlds, scientists have been able to estimate time frames for material slamming into their surface. Samples collected by Apollo moonwalkers also contain the chemical signatures from different meteorites. Together, the evidence indicates that impacts increased about 3.8 to 3.9 billion years ago, during the Late Heavy Bombardment, which is thought to have lasted between 20 million to 200 million years…”  (read more…) … which suggests to me that planet Eden exploded at that time, causing the LHB.
  • Hypatia stone. “Unlike most meteorites, which have chemical compositions similar to Earth and the other rocky planets, (the Hypatia stone found in 1996) has elements in the wrong proportions, or in forms not usually seen in the inner solar system. It raises the question: Is our idea of how the solar system formed and how the elements were originally scattered throughout it the right one?” (read more…) For me, the best answer to that question is simply that Eden was a much “richer” planet than Earth in terms of its minerals (as well as much larger, roughly the size of Saturn) before it exploded.

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