The Luminator Has Moved to Italy

My luminator now at home in Italy with the new Polaroid technology.

Last year I shipped my luminator off to Italy, to my friend and colleague Amleto Iansante. It was a very difficult decision involving three years of dialog.

I bought the luminator in 1999 for about $15,000 and used it for about a decade to get lots of spirit faces when using Polaroid 600 film and cameras that were being sold at the time. I’d stand with subjects near the luminator as it was running, and I’d take their pictures… and very often we found spirit faces in the pictures when they developed. Polaroid was the only photographic technology that seemed to work. Digital and 35mm photos and video rarely got spirit faces.

So it was always the magic formula of luminator + Polaroid film = spirit faces.

Many of my spirit face photos at first glance look like double exposures or camera blur, but a closer look shows two (or more) distinct faces in each picture, which I’ve become convinced are the faces of spirits posing with the human subjects.

Polaroid stopped making its film and cameras in 2009, so shortly after that I stopped taking spirit face photos.

Amleto contacted me originally in 2014, fascinated by the spirit faces and wanting very much to acquire a luminator. He was deeply interested in the afterlife. His wife had died a few years earlier, and in 2011 he started hosting an annual afterlife conference in L’Aquila, a small town that had been destroyed in 2009 by an earthquake, with 300 lives lost.

I was very reluctant to sell the luminator because of the historic photos it had produced, and also because of the rather amazing energy field it generated in and around our home. It seemed to weaken the “veil” between our physical world and the spirit realms that are all around us. With the luminator running, my spirit group was somehow able to draw upon the life energies (ectoplasm?) of the people in the room and to make their spirit bodies dense enough for a few moments to be caught clearly on film. At least, that is the scenario that I’ve come to believe, quite strongly, was playing out during those photo sessions with the luminator and Polaroid film.

I was also reluctant to sell the luminator because Polaroid had stopped making its film. I didn’t want Amleto to buy a device that didn’t produce the spirit face photographs he wanted.

So we discussed it by email for three years. Amleto wanted to try many new techniques, such as various photographic devices (including Fuji’s version of the Polaroid film) and various lighting conditions, including infrared and ultraviolet.

Well, last year (2017) Polaroid started to make a new generation of film and cameras. I was no longer using the luminator, and so I set up a special lease-to-buy arrangement in which I’d ship the luminator to Italy, and Amleto would make small monthly payments toward the purchase of the device. If he liked the luminator, he could keep using it as long as he wished and eventually pay it off. If not, he could send it back to me at any time.

So Amleto has been busy using the luminator for the past several months with encouraging results (some photographic anomalies) but not the frequent spirit faces that I and some of my colleagues, such as Jack Stucki had received with our luminators while using the old Polaroid technologies.

We’re hoping that it’s just a matter of time before Amleto’s spirit group (including his late wife) will master the new process and begin to make meaningful contacts.

Meanwhile, at the end of this month (September 30), once he’s gotten familiar with the luminator and the process (lighting, film, cameras….), I’ll send him the old Polaroid cameras and film I still have in the basement. I still have about a half-dozen packs of the old film. The film is long past its shelf life, but it’s my experience that the old film stays in working condition for a long time.  (Years ago I visited my wife at her counseling office, found an old Polaroid camera and some old film in a drawer, took some pictures, and they came out fine. We even got what looked like a spirit face in one of the pictures, without the presence of the luminator.)

So, we’re hoping that Amleto, with his boundless enthusiasm, afterlife interest, and very good heart, will soon be providing the world with a new generation of great spirit face photos… with the help of his dedicated, competent spirit group, of course.

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16 Responses to The Luminator Has Moved to Italy

  1. Audrey Holmes says:

    Thank you….. I am a retired R,N who once worked with the dying and am now studying
    the Afterlife.

  2. Brett says:

    Dear Mark,

    This is thrilling news for about seventeen different reasons. Wishing this technology was available to everyone but especially those interested for the highest vibratory offerings.

    I don’t find it coincidental that more facial details have been appearing in my own spirit photographs of late. However, my pictures are, compared to your work with the Luminator®, what Long John Silver is to Lobster thermidor.🤗

    It does seem that the proverbial veil is thinning, and I’m careful to ‘call in’ those souls and energies who wish to contribute to my own understanding of how to spread love and knowledge of the afterlife to other humans.

    So looking forward to seeing the latest results from Italy and praying folks find both comfort and excitement in the images as so many of us have felt here in North America.

    Sending all the best blessings your way,


  3. Evelyn Banna says:

    Hello Mark
    I’m fairly new to your wonderful web site although I’ve been interested in “life after death” since a child, I’m 62 now.

    You have shared such amazing stories and such detailed information about ITC and INTC. It is so sad that it came to an end the way it did. Yet, around the world now people are experimenting with EVP, ITC and general spiritual awarenesses than ever before.
    There are just so many groups out there lighting the way.

    Our biggest problem at the moment seems to be getting more “earth beings” to become aware this is happening and to share and make people understand there is no death. There is nothing to fear when you live a loving and compassionate existence. Help our fellow humans and respect all life. As ‘Silver Birch pointed out war is pointless and souls are returning before their ‘due dates, unprepared for Spirit life.

    Currently I’m working with healers and mediums around the globe to send all the lost souls and spirit meddlers et’al who are in that low astral plane back to the LIGHT. Seems to be working.

    Regards Evelyn

    • Mark Macy says:

      Not many jobs more important than that, Evelyn; helping lost, meddling spirits to find peace and light. The ‘plague’ of troubled souls around the Earth seems to cause a lot of problems for a lot of people. I suspect you and your colleagues have a vast network of positive spirits on the other side working with you, helping to urge lost souls toward a more peaceful existence.
      I sometimes wonder how many of the redeemed spirits stay in the light and how many get pulled back to Earth’s dramas. That book by Franchezzo talks about the struggle some of these spirits have trying to break away from Earth to find peace:

      I agree with you; the bottom line is: “There is nothing to fear (of death nor of living among spirits) when you live a loving and compassionate existence.” That was certainly the main message from our friends at Timestream spirit group. Foster love, trust, friendship, and good will in order to sustain a stable communication bridge with the finer realms… to avoid the darkness in the lower realms.


  4. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark,
    That is exciting to hear! Do you think the Luminator was partially responsible for the portal in your lab (that you mentioned a while back on this site)? Or, at least, when it was running, did it just make the portal more powerful? Also, I remember when you had mentioned in one of your books that Patrick Richards had an experience where he went to lean his head against the wall and it actually went through the wall, as if the three Luminators, which had been placed in a triangular formation, had dissolved the matter which made up the wall. I always found that story amazing.
    I hope you are doing great!
    All the best,

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hey Ricky, that portal was detected by a sensitive visitor before I got the luminator, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the luminator made the portal more prominent or easier for the other side to come through.

      Patrick Richards was an intriguing guy, for sure. On one occasion he showed up in one of Jack Stucki’s Polaroid pictures, very clearly, while he was still living in New Jersey. It was apparently his astral body doing some astral traveling to Colorado. 🙂


  5. Hi Mark,

    It’s been awhile. I hope you and Regina are doing well and are in good health. It must have been extremely difficult for you to part ways with the Luminator after having so many miraculous experiences with it over the years. The device has always fascinated me beyond measure. Patrick Richards truly was a visionary genius. I’m glad your Luminator ended up in good hands. I’m sure Amleto will use it ethically and responsibly. It’s good to hear that he’ll be continuing the research with it, too. I’m sure his experimenting will eventually pay off and produce extraordinary results after his spirit team adapts to the newer film/cameras.

    I had no idea you paid $15,000 for it. Any idea why it was so costly? From a materials point of view it doesn’t seem as though it would cost 10% that much. It’s an insanely powerful device, however. So I suppose that price range isn’t entirely ridiculous. It would make sense that Patrick sold them for that much due to the fact that he didn’t want them ending up in the wrong hands. Especially considering the story about what he personally experienced with the Luminators (the story that Ricky referred to in his comment above). I remember you telling that story a couple of times in the past. I’m sure the last thing Patrick wanted was for his devices to end up in the possession of reckless, mad scientist type ITC cowboys with the worst of intentions.

    Having been working with water ITC techniques for nearly a decade now, one repeated pattern I’ve noticed during my sessions is that some of my best images will appear around my finger as I’m agitating the water surface. Much like what more than likely occurs during the manifestation of the spirit faces in the Luminator photographs, it seems as though the life energy from the practitioner is also utilized during water ITC experiments. Making physical contact with the water aids in the formation of the images significantly. Here are a couple of examples that you may find interesting:

    All The Best,


  6. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I debated about whether to include the price of the luminator in the article, and I suspect the other people who bought them might have paid a bit less (using them as they were for therapy, which was Patrick’s intent; he never seemed real excited about the “spirit faces”), but a number of people have asked me how much they cost, so I decided to go ahead and make it public.
    I agree, if you took it apart into pieces, they’d all be worth, maybe, 10% that cost, including the custom cabinet made for it.
    Still, the energy field it produces is pretty remarkable, and I guess it’s that ‘special’ quality produced by Patrick’s know-how that we all were really paying for.
    I remember taking it to Thailand to be looked at by a young British entrepreneur living in Phuket. When I told him about Patrick”s experience, with some sort of dark being semi-materializing, running through his wall and across the yard, the fellow’s eyes widened, and he said, “Man the stun guns.” He seriously wanted to buy three devices, but I told him I couldn’t help him, other than giving him Patrick’s contact info… but I think that was shortly before Patrick died.

    Yes, I’ve read about researchers using the water technique. Margaret Downey showed Regina and me her method when we visited her years ago. Sounds promising!… sort of like high-tech scrying. It makes sense that your life energies might be drawn upon during the sessions to help form the faces and bodies in the pictures.

    Best of success to you,


  7. kate says:

    Hi Mark I hope the luminator carries on doing great work. I’ve done psychometry in the past and found it accurate way of picking up details about the objects owner…I recently used a second hand dictaphone I purchased at a carboot sale and pressed record along with my usual laptop and audacity programme, at the end of the recording there was nothing on the dictaphone but negative entities on my laptop recording. At the time I was very surprised because that sort of thing hasn’t happened for quite some time but I then thought maybe it was connected to the dictaphone. There was a few recordings from previous owner on it and one was a woman having a moan and swearing about her day. it’s like the dictaphone opened up a portal and I’ve not used it since and everything is fine again, Sounds like your energy has transferred to the luminator and maybe that combined with the way it is made and the film makes it work like it does….I’m interested to know what you think the reason is the luminator possessed that kind of energy field, it might also explain more about psychometry…maybe no connection at all?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate, that’s really interesting about the used dictaphone attracting or maybe being somehow attached to troubled entities, maybe spirits associated with the previous owner. Or maybe the spirit of the late owner himself?…

      Those scenarios make sense to me. Not sure just how it works, but I’ve heard similar stories before.

      I never thought about how my energy or the inventor Patrick’s energy might have impinged on the luminator over the years. Interesting possibility that I’ll have to mull over a while.


  8. Kathy Allen says:

    I would love to find out how to get pictures again. Kathleen Richards

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kathy,
      I can’t be of much help in that regard, sorry to say.
      I haven’t taken spirit face photos for many years.
      Some people who have “the right spiritual aptitude” are able to get pretty amazing anomalies in their photographs, even with new digital cameras and cell-phone cameras.
      In rare cases those anomalies can include spirit face photos. But there are so many conditions (especially in the spirit world) that make such photos possible… that they are very rare.
      Thanks for making contact………….

  9. Federico Brunialti says:

    Hi Mark
    I’m Federico from Italy.
    I’m a Naturopath and Matrix Energetics operator.
    I’d like to take contact with Amleto in Italy just to test healings with the Luminator.
    Is it possible?
    I would like to do my part inthis project.

    I wish you the very best

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Federico,

      Sorry to say, I’m no longer in contact with Amleto.
      I sincerely hope you find him and are able to put the luminator to good use that way.
      I believe the fact that it’s still surviving in Italy is not just an accident.

      Our house burned down about a year ago, and if I had the luminator at that time it would have been lost in the fire. Fortunately, I’d already shipped it to Amleto in Italy.

      It’s kind of miraculous, really. A number of people had asked to buy the luminator, but it didn’t work out (partly because it’s an expensive device).

      Anyway, it felt right to send it to Amleto, even though he couldn’t afford to pay for it outright.

      Long story short, the luminator escaped a fiery fate and (hopefully) is still available for use by people like you. 🙂 … if you can find Amleto. (My contact information for him was lost in the fire.)


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