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The Luminator Has Moved to Italy

Last year I shipped my luminator off to Italy, to my friend and colleague Amleto Iansante. It was a very difficult decision involving three years of dialog. I bought the luminator in 1999 for about $15,000 and used it for … Continue reading

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Faces in the Mist 5: Visits from Beyond

… to conclude this series, I’m comfortable in stating that nearly all of the spirit faces I got on film with the help of the luminator came either from the shadow world of Earth or from Eden. Continue reading

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Human Spirituality & Mental Illness: Barriers Lost

Many people with schizophrenia see and hear the spirits that other people can’t see and hear. They live in two worlds at once—this physical world and the worlds of spirit. The realities of those two worlds are so vastly different…. Continue reading

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