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Combat Killing and the Human Spirit

Studies have found the worst cases of PTSD are usually associated with soldiers who have killed people. Most of those reports suggest that it’s a moral problem… I would argue that it’s mostly a spiritual problem. As thousands of people die in war, thousands of tormented spirits leave their bodies. Some of them attach to the living bodies of people nearby… the bodies of living soldiers. The torment of the spirits works its way into the minds of the soldiers….. Continue reading

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Foreign Accent Syndrome: Science and the Human Spirit

Imagine waking up and finding yourself speaking the same language but with a thick foreign accent… A neurological disorder… or another example of spiritual influences?… Continue reading

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Spirit Guides, Spirit Visitors, or Spirit Attachments, or… ?

I’ll share some of the pictures (of actual spirit faces) here, along with brief comments in some cases, and you can come to your own conclusions (about their meaning)…. Continue reading

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Human Spirituality & Mental Illness: Barriers Lost

Many people with schizophrenia see and hear the spirits that other people can’t see and hear. They live in two worlds at once—this physical world and the worlds of spirit. The realities of those two worlds are so vastly different…. Continue reading

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