Worlds Within Worlds 22 —It’s Between You and God

Life-energy from the source fills the omniverse, creates countless universes, and nourishes everything. Our personal connection to the source is the most important relationship ever… but it’s a little more complicated than that.

As explained in other installments, everything unfolds beyond time and space in a way that’s hard to imagine… but apparently it’s even more complicated than that.

Does the life-energy simply stream outward from the source in all directions like a light bulb and nourish each entity directly, as the diagram suggests?

Probably not. And that’s what this article is about:

  • How does life-energy get to us humans on Earth?
  • What’s really between you and the source?

Let’s focus on the relationship between one human being and the source, since humans are the entities in the omniverse we’re most familiar with. In the bigger picture it doesn’t matter if the “entity” is a person or a tree, a cell or molecule, or a planet or an entire universe. The most important relationship everywhere in the omniverse has always been the connection between one entity and the source. Everything is nourished first and foremost by the source. But for this article we’ll think about a person.

So, of all the vast quadrillions of entities in the omniverse that have intimate connections with the source, we’re going to observe just one person to see how life-energy gets passed from the source to the person.

Seven spirit bodies are often associated with the physical body and go by various names, such as: the etheric double, astral body, higher-astral body,  mental body, essence body, celestial body, and divine body. (This diagram was updated in response to the first two comments at the end of the article.)

First we sort of pull apart the omniverse like an accordion file so that we can see things more clearly.

The human being is in the physical realm, way out in the fringes of the omniverse. He or she has various spirit bodies leading toward the source. Life-energy probably doesn’t stream directly from the source into the person. I suspect it would be too powerful. It would be like the energy current from a power-generating plant being delivered straight to our house. It would burn up our circuit breaker panel and maybe blow out our lights and burn up some appliances.

The electricity from the power station has to be transduced down through a series of transformers and substations before it reaches our house to provide us with safe power.

(Note: That’s probably what happened to planet Eden some 4 billion years ago, which circled the sun in an orbit where the asteroid belt is today; life-energy from the source wasn’t adequately transduced at some point, and the planet was destroyed… but that speculation is beyond the scope of this article.)

So it makes sense that life-energy coming from the source is transduced through many finer beings before it gets to Earth to empower a human being. And it manifests in our world and in our lives in various ways.

(Note: … which is probably why we’ve come up with so many names and descriptions for life-energy: aura, prana, shakti, chi, holy spirit, ruah, mana, orgone energy, and maybe even “quantum wave function.”)

When we feel a divine inspiration, we might attribute it to God or Allah or Brahman—the source—but it’s more likely a message that has been transduced by one of the facilitators or ethereal entities that help manage things in the omniverse. They’re able to receive information from higher levels and convey it to a mind on Earth that’s equipped to handle it.

That said, I think it’s still the best bet on Earth (or anywhere else in the omniverse) to commune with the source. Pray to God, submit to the will of Allah, meditate with a focus on Brahman…. Whatever your spiritual persuasion, focusing on the source instantly sets in motion a vast network of brilliant beings who can help, be they Judeo-Christian angels, Hindu devas and angiris, or Islamic ملاًئِكة.

The bottom line, again, is that the most intimate relationship anywhere in the omniverse is the connection between one entity and the source. As long as that entity is committed to noble values, then communing with the source opens the channel to bright beings who are also committed to the motivations of the source.

So, take the noble path and seek oneness with the source, then unlimited help is at hand! 🙂


Related thoughts:

Wife Regina, who’s both my muse and critical reviewer, sees things slightly differently… and we’re not sure if it’s just a semantic difference. It has to do with 1) the idea of our personal oneness with the source and our oneness with all and 2) the idea of intercessors between our self and the source. She’s been steeped in the work of Joel Goldsmith, and she said she has a difficult time with the idea of intercessors.

She grew up Catholic and says, “Catholics are about morality and they pray to God and have intercessors (angels). Protestants are about a personal relationship with Jesus/God with no intercessors. Buddhists think we are already awakened at the spiritual level. Mystics experience God directly through meditation.”

Mystics, she says, have a close, personal connection to the source through realization of oneness and conscious contact with God. Intercessors aren’t a big consideration, except maybe as a person begins awakening to his or her oneness.

So, again, we’re not sure if her-view versus my-view is just a semantic difference. I see a human being connected to the source through various spirit bodies that are “within” the person—all part of the package—as shown in the third picture above. Life-energy is probably transduced by each of those bodies as it leaves the source, gradually getting slower and denser as it moves through the ethereal bodies and then through the astral bodies before coming into the physical body. By the time it reaches us on Earth, that modified or transduced life-energy shapes our thoughts and attitudes and who we really are. So we do have a sort of direct connection to the source (the power-generating plant of the omniverse), although it goes through several spirit bodies (transformers and substations) before it gets to us.

Each of those spirit bodies is probably influenced by a close circle of friends, just as we in our physical body have friends around us who influence us. Would all of those entities between us and the source be considered intercessors?… or would they just be considered part of our personal package or our cosmic community?….

I don’t really have an answer to that at the moment, but it’s persistently on my mind.

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21 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 22 —It’s Between You and God

  1. Thank you Mark…another helpful writing.
    I have always thought that some kind of frequency step-down had to occur or else the fine frequencies of Source would burn up, short circuit, or blow up our bodies.
    I have assumed that this step-down happened in the the electromagnetic field which surrounds the body.
    While reading your explanation, it occurs to me that the transducing spirit bodies you describe may be holographically nested in the energy body envelope.
    And then the question arises as too just how far into the infinity of Source does our energy body extend.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John, I had to stretch my mind a little for that one… with a little help from google. I wasn’t sure what you meant by “energy body envelope,” so I did a search and found a couple of links that’ll require some more investigation.

      First, people who suffer from chronic fatigue can deal with their symptoms by self-monitoring something doctors (since the 1990s) have been calling their “energy envelope.”

      Second, and more timeless, healing practitioners for centuries (especially in India) have worked with the energy bodies or spirit bodies associated with the physical bodies.

      Both of those definitions of the energy bodies are making me rethink and adjust my concept of the “big picture,” especially the second link that has a great picture of the seven energy bodies associated with the physical body. I might have to change the last diagram in the above article to show just seven bodies extending from the physical body to the source.

      The first link (the ‘energy envelope’ theory) is making me rethink my table of noble and savage motivations, where I include vitality (noble) vs weariness (savage)…

      When some people suffer from chronic weariness for biological reasons, it’s short-sighted for someone like me to lump “weariness” into the savage motivations list.
      (So… I made a change to that table of motivations at the link directly above. I changed “Savage forces” to “Savage effects.” I think that might help clarify things.)

      That’s all going to take some thought.

      Thanks for broadening my view of this,


  2. Pat Sypult says:

    Having the experience many years ago of being outside of my physical body, I can tell you that the sensation of touching my arm and feeling that it was just like touching my physical body was a realization that the fine astral body was very similar to the original body. It was much lighter in weight. I was able to leap 20 or 30 feet through the air before landing. People in the area could not see or hear me. After a few minutes, I was suddenly snapped back into the physical body. I believe there is another finer body inhabiting the astral body that is weightless. Perhaps another one even inside that one.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Pat, I think you’re right, based on what I found this morning during a search in response to John’s comment (above). I found this site:

      … which shows the seven energy bodies associated with the physical body.

      I think one of my projects today will be to redo the last picture in the above article, to show just seven energy bodies between the person and the source.

      Having an out-of-body experience like yours adds some subjective evidence of those bodies. (It also must have been pretty amazing! 🙂 )

      Best wishes,

      • I like the revision of the image, Mark.
        I think my mind is very accustomed to thinking about the subtle body in this way on account of all of the reading (and image scrutiny) I have done regarding this. But that doesn’t necessarily make it right.
        I do like the notion of the holographic nesting of everything within us.
        I draw some inspiration of understanding from consideration of David Bohm’s theory of the implicate and explicate order of the Universe.
        And also from William Blake:
        ” To see a World in a Grain of Sand
        And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
        Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
        And Eternity in an hour.”

        Also, thank you for those article links, which I enjoyed.

  3. Mark Macy says:

    Incidentally, John and Pat, I revised the third diagram in the article shortly after digesting your comments. Now it shows 7 spirit bodies or energy bodies associated with the human body. I think that might address John’s mention of the energy body envelope.
    Thanks for those comments. I think it’s an important revision.

  4. nordavinci says:

    Your post reminds me of something I posted in a Bible study group recently, an excerpt from a talk by Rev. Moon titled “The Dignity of God and Man” from April 1, 1977:

    [Related Excerpt]
    The perfected home would have become a unit or model for the heavenly society, nation and world, such that no matter how far the world of men expanded, it would always resemble one man. Then who should be the center of the universe? Actually the central axis of the universe is formed by God and Adam and Eve. Why would God need Adam and Eve? Why do they need Him? For two purposes.

    First of all, God’s ideal of love would be fulfilled through Adam and Eve. Secondly, and this is very important, the invisible God would have been made visible through men. In other words, Adam was supposed to be the visible form of God, and through him the invisible God could have made a relationship with the visible, physical world. God’s ultimate purpose for the creation of Adam and Eve is this: After being perfected here on earth in oneness with God, Adam and Eve would have passed away into spirit world. There Adam’s own spirit body would be like the body of God, and inside that spirit body God would be dwelling as Adam’s mind; God Himself would be the mind of Adam.

    Today we have our mind and body, with an inseparable relationship between the two. Similarly, when Adam and Eve were perfected here on earth and then were elevated to the spirit world, God would have become the mind of Adam and Eve and they would have been the spirit body of God, so that God and men in spirit world would have been inseparable, one body. In this world people speak about dying, but actually there is no such thing as death. Instead of dying you just pass into a new realm after giving up your physical body. Your mind or spirit body becomes your body in the spirit world, and God will become the center of that body as the mind of your spirit man.

    If you go to spirit world without reaching perfection here on earth, you will never be able to accommodate God as your mind in spirit world. You will be like a person here on earth with a body but no mind. It may seem impossible, but that is the situation. If your mind were removed could you still be a man or woman? Here on earth our supreme mission is to prepare ourselves to welcome God as our mind in spirit world. The whole purpose of our physical lives here on earth is to make ourselves dwelling places of God so that when we pass into the spirit world our minds can become spirit bodies in which God can dwell. That is the preparation we are going through here on earth.
    What a supreme position we have been placed in! We are all supposed to be the bodies of God. As the Bible says, we are made as the temples or dwelling places of God. If Adam and Eve had initiated perfection here on earth, becoming one with God, their children would have been the children of God. Children always resemble their father and mother. When we are born as children of God then we would certainly resemble God and be in His image and likeness.

    Now you can see realistically why we call God our Father: we are His children. We are now looking for God, but if Adam and Eve had been perfected, seeing them would have been seeing God. Adam and Eve’s position would have been God’s position because they would have been the bodies of God. In spirit world God should have been dwelling within Adam and Eve. God indeed is the Creator and center of the universe and if God had made His dwelling in Adam and Eve, then their position would have been the center of the universe as well, both physically and spiritually.
    In Genesis it is written that Adam named the things God had created. Actually Adam was the instrument God was speaking through. In other words, God was naming every creature through Adam. God dwelled within Adam and in that way exercised lordship over all creation.

    So far men have not known the true relationship between God and men. To repeat, there were two reasons that God created man: first as the fulfillment and manifestation of His love, and second, as the visible forms of God. This is a most amazing truth. Through perfected Adam and Eve as the nucleus of the universe, God wanted to expand His Kingdom here on earth. No matter how big man’s world might become, God would still be the center of it. Clearly the culture of mankind should have been in one sphere, which we call the Adamic cultural sphere, truly God’s own culture here on earth.

  5. kate says:

    This article has kept me thinking intensely for a couple of hours or more. I think what Konstantine Raudive said to you about being a dot was probably a clue to your answer.

    “Listen, the purpose of life is love and attachment to all forms of life”. A message from spirit by Anabela cardoso on Konig Wauters facebook page, recently posted.

    • kate says:

      sorry if that sounds criptic and I don’t know what your interpretation is of what he means but it’s probably to do with some kind of matrix of energy/source energy, varying degrees of it from one person to another.

      • kate says:


        • kate says:

          Thinking about this at 2 am in the morning and have come to the conclusion that everyone is right. Perception, love and faith are the three components,that I can think of, that link everyone to the source. It doesn’t matter which belief system it is. I think this has really tested my faith in what I know. I think your article is absolutely accurate from an ITC perspective but it doesn’t mean all the experiences and information is right, it could be a massive hoax from some dark force. If whatever anyone believes,experiences leads them to a path of love and goodness then have faith and surrender.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for those comments, Kate.
      I agree, Konstantin’s “dot” comment is fitting here… that when we’re part of a community we can appear to spirit as “dots on an image” that are connected by lines. A sort of resonant network.
      Thanks for that and your other good thoughts.

      I hope you and all the other readers are faring well in the current pandemic


      • Mark Macy says:

        PS, Kate…. It’s my impression or understanding that at times when humanity is suddenly gripped by troubled emotions like fear (as in the case of this pandemic), there’s an uptick of influence on the world by troubled spirits from the shadows. It’s not a big deal, and it’ll eventually pass, but in the meantime I find it useful to do a little more self-reflection than usual, with the aim of keeping myself level and clear emotionally. I know some other researchers who feel similarly.
        For what it’s worth… 🙂
        Warm wishes,

        • kate says:

          Thanks Mark I didn’t think about troubled spirits although was chatting yesterday to a like minded friend about the effect the energy must be having on us all. I’m glad you mentioned this and will definately apply that.
          Very gratefull for this article it really has helped me clarify.
          Best wishes to you all too ❤

  6. Jeb Barton says:

    Greetings Mark… cut to the chase, if you would like to check into the deepest and richest and by far the most enlightened source of insight with regard to this aspect of “Being” that you are looking at right now i would direct you towards two books, The Unknown Reality Vol. I and Vol. II. Seth Books. I’ve looked very deeply into this subject now for more than 55 years and nothing, even the greatest of the mystical teaching, begins to reach the richness and, specifically, the depth of what in in these two books.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Jeb, long time no see.

      I think I recall you dropping by the house some 20-odd years ago while passing through Colorado, when I was still using the luminator to get spirit faces in Polaroid photos. As I recall we got one or two interesting pictures that day.

      I haven’t read the Seth books, though I’m familiar with them, and some of my friends over the years (most notably Hans Heckmann) shared your deep interest in their content. I admire people who immerse themselves in that rich source of information.

      THanks for the heads-up,


  7. Ricky says:


    Your website has always been lightyears ahead, in terms of providing the most abundant, amazing and clear insight into our reality as spiritual beings. Your articles are just absolutely incredible and I consider them to be a treasure.

    I’ve been reading Mikey Morgan’s book recently (an advanced being on the 6th level), and he confirms so much of the fundamental information that you share here. Have you heard of Mikey Morgan’s story? Roberta Grimes has been working with Mikey’s mother, Carol, for years now on, as he continues to deliver information and answers to seekers’ questions. He is a very high-level being who entered a brief lifetime on earth and died in 2007. Here’s a picture of Mikey from Roberta’s website: He provides a lot of insight into the mechanics of the spiritual realm and how they can interact with us who remain here on earth.

    The more our spiritual reality is confirmed, the brighter and more positive I feel. How couldn’t anyone feel at peace knowing about all of this? 🙂



    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for those uplifting (for me) comments, Ricky, always a pleasure hearing from you.

      No, I wasn’t familiar with Mikey Morgan, but this morning I soon found this link to a sample from the book he channeled through his mom, who published it with the help of Roberta Grimes.

      THe book jumps right into one of the nicest afterlife (Summerland) experiences I’ve read about. 🙂
      And hits close to home. I also attended CSU in Fort Collins, a half-hour drive from where I grew up… and I share Mikey’s affinity with John Denver’s music.

      Thanks for that connection. Very nice way to start the morning.


    • Mark Macy says:

      This morning I also decided to hear Bob Sinclar’s “Love Generation,” which inspired Mike Morgan during lifetime. I found this really nice video on youtube composed around the song.

      From Jamaica to the world
      This is just love
      This is just love
      Why must our children play in the streets
      Broken hearts and faded dreams
      Peace and love to everyone that you meet
      Don’t you know, it could be so sweet
      Just look to the rainbow, you will see
      Sun will shine ’til eternity
      I’ve got so much love in my heart
      No one can tear it apart
      Feel the love generation
      Yeah, yeah, yeah
      Feel the love generation
      C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon yeah
      Feel the love generation
      Yeah, yeah, yeah
      Feel the love generation
      Ooh yeah-yeah
      Why must our children play in the streets…

      • Ricky says:

        Such a great song and music video. This is very much characteristic of Mikey Morgan and his message. He continues to emphasize how important music is in terms of how the higher levels leave messages for us. It is one of the main tools used in the finer realms!

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