Reprieve for Worlditc, Courtesy of Varanormal

Good news!

The Varanormal research community wants to host the website that I launched on Earthlink some 25 years ago (and was then revamped and managed by my late friend and colleague Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt of Germany).

My plan was to terminate the website this month (since it’s been static since Rolf’s passing), then to make its files accessible upon request… which would have been cumbersome.

An old acquaintance of mine—a prominent member of the Varanormal community who’s been active in paranormal/afterlife research for many years and is dedicated to preserving the history of ITC research—had a better plan. He said the worlditc website should be kept together and accessible, not broken down into files. I agreed, and (thanks to Varanormal) it looks like that will be the case.

So here’s the new plan:

  • Varanormal will take over the administration and cost of the worlditc website hosted on Earthlink.
  • The domain will remain indefinitely.
  • The domain name ( and the content will stay the same as long as Varanormal continues to adminster it (and Earthlink continues to host it).

Meanwhile, I have a small worlditc nonprofit checking account that has been mostly static for more than a decade. It contains enough funds to host the site for two years. I’ll close the account and donate the money to Varanormal.

On behalf of myself, my late pal Rolf, and probably thousands other friends at Timestream and other spirit groups, a hearty THANKS!… to Varanormal.

# # #

Varanormal is an international online community of like-minded individuals who continue to explore the many possibilities of spirit and science. Their focus is on paranormal technical research, community collaboration, and preservation of history. For more information please visit:

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Main interests are other-worldly matters ( and worldly matters (
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1 Response to Reprieve for Worlditc, Courtesy of Varanormal

  1. Nestor Sajol says:

    Wonderful and many thanks to Varanormal for keeping the Worlditc site available to
    eveerybody, those who are seeking the truth and facts about life after death. Thank you Mark for this great news.

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