ITC Gem 41: Dangers of Anti-Energy Experiments

Dr Swejen Salter (left) in a Timestream lab shortly after her death in 1987. The picture was received through a TV of the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg.

The following computer contact was received in Luxembourg in 1996 (November 27, Wednesday 5:37 pm), by ITC researchers and INIT members Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch. I’m adding it to this website as an ITC Gem because it relates to a (very challenging) article I’m currently writing (March of 2023) about how familiar energies like light and sound relate to life-energies that are the essence of the cosmos. We originally published this contact on page 5 of the old Contact! Journal, issue 97/02, but it never got included here on macyafterlife.

Swejen Salter was the main communicator (from the spiritside) of the Harsch-Fischbach couple. She said she’d died in 1987 on one of Earth’s parallel planets called Varid during an advanced scientific experiment gone awry, and then she was recruited as director of Timestream spirit group because of the knowledge of multidimensional communication that she’d brought along with her to the afterlife. This contact explains how the experiment on Varid went badly:

Hello, dear Maggy and Jules,

Here is the long promised written supplement to my phone conversation about anti-atomic energy.

On planet Varid, our experimental team under the direction of Prof. Suat Dewar, pursued a theory that concerned the origin of matter and energy. It was based on experiments with a series of vacuum tubes which were contained within each other and would implode by themselves. It was our understanding that the total vacuum, or absolute void space consisted of energy and “anti-energy”. Sooner or later this would split, at least on planet Varid.

(Unlike scientists on earth, we could produce a true artificial vacuum totally evacuated of air and matter to far below 1013 hectopascal.)

Energy and matter repelled each other, causing one such implosion of the tubes. We had come to the conclusion that our universe came into existence in two stages:

  1. Splitting of the void into energy and anti-energy.
  2. Transformation of energy into matter (suns and planets).

We considered repulsion between energy and anti-energy to be the cause of the constantly increasing “drifting” apart of the universe.

We now produced this anti-energy artificially, to spread all over our hermetically sealed laboratory in order to nullify atomic energy (also an artificial energy) which was also introduced in the lab. We were happy and confident that our discovery of “anti-atomic energy” would make impossible any atomic warfare, once we open our lab doors and let it escape and spread on our world Varid, into the atmosphere and into space.

Soon, however, it became clear to me that not everything was in order.

Prof. Dewar, who was then in his 80s, noticed that his white hair started getting dark again. He did not complain anymore about his arthritis. It seemed to have disappeared. One of my female associates who was four months pregnant, started menstruating. Another younger girl complained about discontinuation of menstrual periods and shrinking breasts. All this pointed to a time reversal.

I became panic-stricken when I realized what our experiments had triggered. The consequences would be disastrous if we could not reverse the flow of time back into its “normal” path. The anti-energy, once flowing to the outside would, reverse the aging process, but the living population would become so young that as premature babies they would be unable to withstand their environment and perish. Meanwhile no new babies would be born. Although a child could be conceived, it would not grow.

It became obvious to me what we had to do. Under no circumstances should the locked chambers of our lab be opened. During our attempt to destroy our lab set-up a tremendous explosion occurred in which I died. It was 1987 October 30. I never found out what happened to Varid…. Dr. Swejen Salter.

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6 Responses to ITC Gem 41: Dangers of Anti-Energy Experiments

  1. Rand says:

    “Science is stranger than fiction.”

  2. Mark Borcherding says:


    When I read your posts words “/reverse the flow of time” /I was reminded
    the Sixth Sun Tzolkin calendar that I was given shows both a forward &
    backward flow of time. I think what is called “torsion” also does this.//

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hey Mark B,
      It’d be great to be able to go back in time, to some of those advanced ancient megalithic cultures around the world (like the Mayans), to see what was really going on with their understanding of time and space, matter, energy, and spirit. I’d sign up for that trip.
      Mark M

  3. Mark,
    I wish you every good fortune in expanding this account in that challenging composition you are considering.
    This interesting account from Swejen seems like a sort of literary fragment…with more to come!
    I know you are concerned about the experiments with the CERN large Hadron collider.
    Regarding reversing the flow of time back to the present, Einstein once said that the purpose of time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.
    I wish you the very best in trying to put word abstractions to these mind boggling concepts, and I look forward to what your creative process brings us.
    The Luminous Mystery becomes even more luminous and mysterious.
    Your friend.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks John,

      The big challenge for the energy article…

      … was reconciling all of those energies by digging through a treasure chest of amazing websites, and seeing that it all seems to fall into the three basic categories–1) energies of our world that push stuff around into vibrations and waves that move kind of slowly, 2) energies of the universe that make waves at the subatomic level and travel at the speed of light, and 3) cosmic energies that are the essence of everything and move instantaneously.

      Then putting it into context of what our spirit friends told us through ITC contacts (like this ITC Gem 41 article). Pretty mind-boggling.

      The power in those energies get bigger and bigger as the wavelengths get smaller. Nuclear energy is just the beginning… though considering how life on Earth is such a tenuous balance of ‘luminous’ motivations and predatory-parasitic-competitive compulsions, it’s a little unsettling to think of science getting into those vast powers one day. No wonder Einstein had a great sense of humor. 🙂

      God bless,

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