Answer 2: Lives Destroyed, Preserved During the Fall of Eden

(Note: This is the second of the unanswered questions about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient heritage that I hope to answer in this series of articles.)

Question 2: While life on Earth survived the explosion of Eden 4 billion years ago, did the cataclysm kill all life on the other inner planets—Mars, Venus and Mercury?


Best guess: All physical life was probably destroyed, but not spiritual life.


The spiritual templates of Eden, Mars, Venus, and Mercury probably host life to this day, as they do for Earth, in the unseen astral realm of spirits, ETs, and flourishing astral civilizations.


Of special importance to ITC today are the spiritual templates of Eden. Astral Eden still flourishes as a paradise world, even though the physical planet is gone. Timestream spirit group told us that they have their sending station along the banks of the River of Eternity, which circles planet Eden, which exists at the third level of the Myers model.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking with it… (at least until a more reasonable one presents itself): Edenites were nurturing bubbles of life (atmospheres) around all the inner planets until the explosion of Eden destroyed all  those bubbles except Earth’s. Then, the spiritual templates of all of those flourishing worlds continued to flourish.

Next article in the series: How exactly does an ITC bridge work?


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3 Responses to Answer 2: Lives Destroyed, Preserved During the Fall of Eden

  1. kate says:

    Hi Mark how do parallel universes and dimensions fit in? there would be many physical replicas of Earth and Eden if this fairly new theory of the two Russian scientists is true about parallel universes. Is it possible the astral is another universe parallel to ours?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Again, you bring up something that’s been nagging at me in recent weeks. I think the two of us are on the same wavelength, Kate.

      Yes, Timestream told us of Earth’s parallel worlds, including Swejen Salter’s home planet Varid. On one occasion they tried to visit Maggy sitting with her dad on his death bed in hospital, but they first arrived in the right place but in the wrong parallel world. The Maggy in that room, in that world, was blonde instead of Earth-Maggy’s brunette. So the Timestream team had to go back into the tunnel and try again.

      Timestream also told us in one contact:

      “Space-time consists of eleven dimensions, of which only four can directly be perceived by you. The other seven (compact) dimensions exist and are present in a vanishingly small scale in your universe. They are rolled together to the topological equivalent of light tubes whose diameter lies within quantum limits to determine the size of plank’s length….”

      … which is a little too deep for me to grasp. Still, it fits into this ‘best guesses to unanswered questions’ series I’m writing, so I need to dig up that entire quote from Swejen and study it this week.
      Thanks for the heads-up, Kate. I don’t know if I’ll be able to create a nice diagram of all the parallel physical worlds along with the astral templates, but I’ll toy with that too.


      • kate says:

        Thankyou Mark for reply. I find it is amazing that there are at least two of Maggy in the same situation but look different in different universes. Eleven dimensions is what physicists are telling us and some say many more than that too…given a choice I would go with Timestream. What a fascinating description of the dimensions. As you pointed out before our senses are limited. For example dolphins can see through solid boxes, bats can hear sonar, cats see in the dark, dogs can smell things miles away….the frequencies and vibrations are very limited compared to other creatures who are entering other dimensions I presume. The Timestream information opens up big questions. If there are multiples of us in many universes does that mean we have multiple spirits? I definately got the boggle factor now…sorry if it’s off at a tangent….I’m finding your diagrams are great especially for people like me that seem to learn more from audio and visual than reading.

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