Dreams Can Help Determine Coherence of an ITC Contact Field

Dreaming is like peeking through a window into the spirit realm.

I’ve come to believe that most dreams are excursions of our inner spirit (astral body) into various spirit communities… and we remember those excursions only briefly when we wake up.

From experience I’ve also come to believe that the more spiritually attuned or awakened we become (for example, if we’re working intensively on a spiritual project such as ITC), then our dreams begin to seem more real. The line or “veil” between our dream time (life in the spirit worlds) and our waking time (life on Earth) grows thinner.

(I also believe that the veil grows thinner and dreams become more memorable as we age… as we approach the “big move” off the Earth into our next home in the spirit realms. That’s especially true of people on their deathbed who often talk about departed loved ones as though they’re beside them. The line between dream time and waking time is really thin at that point… but that’s another story.)

I recall several lucid dreams between 1995 and 2000, while INIT was still going strong, in which I would visit my colleagues in Europe and also our mutual spirit colleagues at Timestream during my dreams. I would observe various high-tech devices being developed in the spirit world for communicating with me and my colleagues here on Earth. I’d see our principal INIT member, Maggy Fischbach, conversing seriously with our spirit team, including her spirit friend Swejen Salter. When INIT was going through its difficulties, I recall one dream in which I visited Maggy and her husband Jules Harsch in their Luxembourg flat (or an “astral template” of their Luxembourg home), and Jules was angry at my intrusion until I finally, reluctantly left… and woke up.

The most important lesson I learned from dream experiences like those came from watching Maggy chat seriously and calmly with our spirit friends when she and I were sharing a dreamtime experience. Maggy definitely had the friendship and close rapport with the spirit group, while I was off to the side, simply observing. I felt then, and I feel now, that I didn’t have the necessary calm disposition for that kind of rapport. I had (and maybe still have) too much earthly emotional baggage that causes dissonance.

Troubled Mind. That dissonance in human minds will always cause a contact field to break down, and it’s usually the result of such things as:

  • Hidden agendas or selfish motivations,
  • Deception and secretiveness,
  • Latent anger,
  • Suspicion or doubt,
  • Resentment,
  • Uncertainty or fear….

Peaceful Mind. Alternatively, then, a good contact field flourishes on feelings like these:

  • Placing the good of the team over personal desires,
  • Honesty and sincerity,
  • Love and mutual respect,
  • Trust,
  • Forgiveness,
  • Confidence and good will….

So, if you’re interested in sustaining a contact field worthy of an ITC bridge, pay attention to your dreams. See if your dreams are peaceful or troubled.

If your dreams are peaceful, you’re on your way to successful ITC.

If your dreams are troubled, you need to do some inner work before finding success in ITC.

Back to Basics

In conclusion, an ITC bridge won’t work without a coherent contact field.

Of the many models or roadmaps of the spirit worlds, this is one of the most popular, consisting of 7 levels between the physical universe (Earth) and the source (God).

A contact field or bridge is a like a pool or cloud of life energy that consists of the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings of everyone involved in the bridge… on both sides of the veil… especially the team of humans on Earth working together on an ITC project and their spirit group at level 3 of the spirit worlds.

The working teams at both ends of the bridge do not include finer spirits (ethereal beings) or denser spirits (earthbounds in the shadow world around the Earth).

  • The ethereal beings who are facilitating the project are at levels 5 and above, which do not resonate with the denser, coarser emotional vibrations of Earth. The ethereals are like project supervisors. Their job includes nurturing the dispositions of the humans at both ends of the bridge… on Earth and at level 3. I recall The Seven ethereals working overtime to encourage INIT members to set aside their differences, to get along with each other, and to be of one mind… not an easy task for us humans. If everyone on the team could have qualities exclusively of the Peaceful Mind list above, then I’m certain that ITC would flourish. That’s easy in theory but nearly impossible in practice… since we all are “only human.”
  • The confused spirits of the “earthplane” (level 1) cannot be part of working team of an ITC bridge either, because they are driven mostly by the dispositions and emotions in the Troubled Mind list above. They are attracted to people on Earth with Troubled Minds… a condition that makes a steady contact field impossible.

In a recent article I explained what I believe are the key elements and human qualities that make an ITC bridge possible… and that’s all a little complicated.

There might be a much simpler way to determine whether or not we’re suited for a stable ITC bridge:

Pay attention to dreams, and do inner work to nurture the Peaceful Mind qualities listed above. The more successful you are at finding peace of mind, the more successful will be your ITC efforts.


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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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9 Responses to Dreams Can Help Determine Coherence of an ITC Contact Field

  1. Troubled Mind vs. Peaceful Mind….very good simple lists for me to work on.
    Thanks again Mark.

  2. mac says:

    We’ve been looking at the nature of dreams on ALF where there’s also a forum for ITC.

    I’d love to post your piece, Mark, on ALF for our members and visitors, fully attributed to you, of course, and with a link to your blog. It might persuade them to come and take a look here! 🙂

    Please let me know your thoughts about that. best wishes, mac

  3. Keith J. Clark says:

    Thanks Mark.
    I’ve come to ponder contact fields in different ways over time. As I wrote that sentence I was just given an analogy – trying to maintain a contact field is like trying to keep a spot on a glass window clear from fogging by blowing your hot breath on it. The temperatures on both sides of the glass is different so it will naturally be foggy on one side. If one is persistent and continues blowing hot breath, the glass can remain clear. If one’s attention is drawn away, or if their energy is not focused on creating their breath, then fog will form.

    And as…one’s temperature (as an analogy of vibration) improves and becomes the same or similar as the environment on the other side of the glass…….a point is reached where the glass appears to disappear completely, making it irrelevant and us able to see through the other side.

    Pardon the allegory, I was feeling creative.

    Appreciate your articles.

  4. Mark Macy says:

    I like that metaphor a lot, Keith.
    I’ll read it again tomorrow, pick up the subtleties.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Looked over your comment once again. Seems flawless, Keith.
      My problem now is going to be remembering that it’s YOUR idea, so I don’t slip it in during my writing, thinking I’ve come up with something original. 🙂

      Ah, the glory of aging.


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