Worlds Within Worlds 07 — A “Vitality” Formula Pulls Everything Together

About 40 years ago I came up with a simple formula that I thought might be important in economics… and maybe biology…

V ≅ R : N

… and I’ll explain in a moment how it works.

Over the years I became convinced that, yes, it’s definitely an important formula. Problem is, even though it’s a simple concept, it seems complicated because it looks at living systems, especially social systems, in a new light… and because implementing it in today’s world might push modern technologies to their limits.

When I started this series of articles two months ago I speculated that the formula might also apply to life beyond the Earth, that is, to the worlds of spirit.

Then when I started writing this article a few days ago I was stunned. The complications all melted away into a simple elegance when I applied the formula to the worlds of spirit.


  • The formula is complicated to use here on Earth because life on Earth is complicated.
  • Life in the worlds of spirit is simple and elegant, and the simple concept behind the formula (I believe) is what has nourished the entire omniverse forever… including life on Earth.

I realize that it sounds like a contradiction: Implementing the formula on Earth would be complicated, even though it has always been used on Earth and everywhere else in a simple, elegant way.

Well, this article resolves that contradiction by showing how the complications and convolutions of life on Earth are temporal illusions, while the simple elegance of finer spirit has always been real and true.

Suddenly the little formula provides answers to some of life’s biggest mysteries… I think. I’ll try to explain it in this article, and we’ll see if you agree.


V ≅ R : N

I first applied that little formula to economics, which is a big yawner for some people… so if you’re one of those people, please bear with me for a few paragraphs as I explain how I came up with it. Then I’ll explain how it seems to work at every level of those nested chains that form worlds within worlds within worlds… from nations (downward and inward) to humans and cells and molecules and leptons… and from humans (in-beyond) to spirits and angels and to the central source, or “God.”

How It Works in Economics: Solving the World’s Biggest Problems

If you could take all of the complex economic formulas in today’s world and toss them on a table, they might be something of a treasure trove to an economist.

Likewise, if you could take a giant electromagnet and pick up several of the most beautiful stainless steel sculptures in the world today and hang it all in a big museum like a chandelier, that elaborate, suspended mountain of glistening steel would seem like a treasure trove to most people… and if they studied it long enough they’d have an a-ha moment: It’s the magnet that’s holding it all together.

In the 1980s I thought that the little formula might be the “magnet” that holds economics together.

V ≅ R : N

  • V = vitality
  • R = resources
  • N = needs

V ≅ R : N – – – – A nation’s Vitality is roughly equivalent to a ratio between 1) its material and energy Needs and 2) the Resources available to satisfy those needs. Maintaining a vital economy, then, means, first and foremost, making sure a nation’s needs don’t exceed its resources.

I call it the vitality ratio. Simple enough.

Maybe too simple?

Well, through the years I’ve tried to observe the goings-on in the world objectively, to see if the little formula really is the crux of economics. And yes, I believe it is. There are other important factors, too, such as the quality or “wholesomeness” of the resources, the durability and recyclability of a nation’s infrastructure, the plagues and famines and conflicts (crime and war) that disrupt and weaken the living infrastructure, and so on. Still, I believe that the vitality ratio accounts for about 90 percent of the whole economic picture… and those “other factors” could all be taken into account once the vitality ratio is implemented.

Not only is the vitality ratio practicable in economics, but it’s such a simple and elemental concept that I’ve come to believe that maybe it holds true throughout this vast omniverse. It applies to nations in today’s world, to heart cells in the body, to trees in a forest, to the spirits of our ancestors living at level 3 of the 7-level model of the spirit worlds, to angels in the ethereal realm at level 6 close to the source, and to every other “living” thing… everywhere.

[And in the bigger scheme of the omniverse, everything is a living thing (including rocks and barren planets), as I’ll have to try to explain later in the article. Meanwhile, if someone tells you, as they told me once or twice during my navy days, that you’re as sharp as a meatball or as smart as a rock, 🙂 you can take it as a compliment, since everything holds complete knowledge at the center of its being… through its connection to the source. But I’m getting ahead of myself.]

V R : N

Naturally, the variables (especially R) have to change a bit when we apply the formula to other realities, since (for example) angels don’t use lumber, iron ore, petroleum, ocean fish, and other resources (R) that our nations use here on Earth. They ingest a different kind of “resource” to give them vitality, which I’ll explain later in the article. Even so, the basic formula seems to remain true everywhere.

So let’s wrap up economics quickly and move on. Mostly we need to redefine and clarify and emphasize a few things so that the vitality ratio would work for economics:

  • A nation (or any social system) has to be redefined. We usually think of a nation as everything within its political borders, but to make the vitality ratio work we have to think of it instead as a living system composed of its “basic building blocks,” which are people and products (as I’ll explain in a moment). If we can monitor the needs of that system of people and products, then we can work with the N variable of the vitality ratio.
  • A nation consumes resources (R) for the same reason that a person eats food: To keep it vital. The resources are processed into products that nourish the population and products throughout the system, at which time they move to the other side of the equation (N).
  • The two most persistent economic problems facing most nations throughout history are overpopulation (people like to breed) and overindulgence (people like to acquire more-more-more). Those two conditions seem to inflate a nation’s needs (N) and stress the vitality ratio more than anything else. Various African economies (where mothers often have seven or more kids) and maybe India are stressed by overpopulation; the US economy is stressed by overindulgence.
  • Common symptoms of an out-of-whack vitality ratio (in which needs greatly exceed resources) include inflation, recession, depression, famine, mass execution, mass emigration, refugee crises, war, and ecological destruction.
  • Implementing the vitality ratio as the core of economics, and running it on modern computers and global information networks, would eliminate most of those symptoms.

There are lots of other little benefits and challenges involved in getting the vitality ratio to work as a basis of economics for modern nations, and I’ve explored those in a much more exhaustive article that I distilled years ago from an unsuccessful patent application.

(You can grind through that big, polished-up article here if you’re interested in economics… )

How It Works in Biology: Self-Sustaining Systems

That more exhaustive article also explores how the vitality ratio applies to other living systems on the planet, so I’ll just summarize here:

  • Living systems on Earth can be reclassified into five categories: biosystems (birds, trees, people, cats, bacteria…), bio-subsystems (organs, body cells…), ecosystems (forests, oceans…), ordisystems (bee hives and other enclosed, close-knit communities of plants and/or animals), and social systems (families, nations, businesses…).
  • All living things on Earth are very complex, nested structures of systems within systems within systems, but each can be broken down conceptually into “basic building blocks” (people and products in a social system, cells and molecules in a biosystem, and so on). Those basic building blocks have to be nourished and maintained, and so they comprise the needs (N) variable in the formula.
  • Every living thing consumes stuff from its environment for nourishment. That stuff makes up the resources (R) variable.

So to monitor the vitality (V) of any living system, simply track the material and energy needs of its basic building blocks (N) in relation to the stuff it consumes (R).

Again, a simple concept… (but at the same time very complicated when we have to explore the inner workings and interactions of all of those basic building blocks and resources and then devise ways to monitor it all with computers in some standardized way… but that’s beyond the scope of this short article).

How It Works in the Spirit Worlds: The Force that Creates and Nourishes

The most important part of this article (and the most important part of human life) is how it relates to “spirit” and “the central source.” That’s where all of life’s complications melt away into a simple elegance.

  • Everything I described above about the complex interactions of living systems in our world is just a complicated interpretation of the simple elegance that exists in finer realms.
  • The vitality ratio applied to economics or to biology is a complicated interpretation of a simple, elegant process that’s at work in finer realms of spirit.

Life force that streams from the central source manifests and sustains countless universes, each being a close copy or template of its adjacent universes. This diagram shows how Earth fits into the picture, with various planetary spirit bodies that lead to the source. This diagram refers to a popular 7-level model of the omniverse, and it’s just one of many arbitrary models or roadmaps of the many spiritual universes in the omniverse… which are probably far too numerous and complex to be illustrated with detail and accuracy here on Earth. But models like this can at least give us an idea of how it all works.

The Life Force that Nourishes All

The central source is what religions typically call God, Allah, Yahweh, or Brahman. It can be thought of as an eternal, living sun of perfect love, knowledge, and wisdom, and it emits that living love and information, ceaselessly and tirelessly, as a pure, non-vibrating energy or light that could be called the life force of the omniverse.

As the life force streams away from the source, it starts to vibrate, at first very fast… then slower and slower as it moves out-beyond into countless dimensions to create and to nourish countless universes.

From our perspective of time and space, those universes are all jumbled together in the same space, and each universe remains distinct from the others by the vibration of its life force… like radio signals in the same room.

By the time the life force gets all the way out here to the material universe, its vibrations are slow and unstable, so lots of strange things start to happen. Hence the complicated way that we perceive physical life going on around us. (More about that in a moment.)

So… the vitality ratio, as it applies to the spirit realms, is rather simple and elemental:

V R : N

Vitality (V) is roughly equivalent to how much life force an entity* needs (N), in relation to the life force it receives (R)** from the source… and that life force streaming from the source is apparently boundless. (Hence the elegant simplicity of spiritual “economics”.)

Everything is created and nourished by the life force that streams nonstop from the source.

 (*Note: An “entity” in the omniverse could refer to a man on Earth or one of his heart cells or one of the molecules in his DNA… or to an entire galaxy or one of its stars or planets… or to a vast spiritual universe at level 6 or one of the ethereal beings inhabiting it.)

(**Note: The basic definition of a “resource” is “a source of supply or support,” which is the exact nature of the life force that streams perpetually from the central source.)

The source exists not only at the center of the omniverse, but also at the center of everything in the omniverse. Every distinct universe within the omniverse has its own soul, or piece of the source… like an omnipotent energy-supply/crystal-oscillator that keeps everything nourished and in sync. Everything in each universe—every planet, every sun, every rock, every living entity—has its own soul.

So in that way, you and I and everyone and everything else has our own connection to the source (as well as to each other), and through that connection we each receive a steady stream of life force.

That’s why it’s accurate to say, on a larger scale, that everything in the omniverse is alive.

For us humans, this inner flow of life force is far more essential than any nourishment we get from the things we eat.

Friends and followers of 85-year-old Prahlad Jani confirm that he hasn’t eaten food for 70 years. His physical body subsists on life force.

For centuries mystics in India have claimed that they can subsist on Earth without eating. Instead, they nourish themselves by tapping into the life force. To do that, they rise above Earth’s dramas and complications by meditating… a lot. That is, they have forged a conscious connection to their finer spiritual bodies that are directly nourished by life force, and then they pull that life force out-beyond to nourish their physical bodies.

Mainstream scientists, of course, are skeptical… but then mainstream scientists are still busy measuring maya… quantifying the complicated illusions of life on Earth. They haven’t yet begun to explore the simple elegance of spirit.

In truth, we all get a steady, limitless supply of life force throughout our lives, from the moment we’re conceived. We continue to subsist primarily on the life force as we age. When our physical body ceases to exist at the end of a lifetime, then our spirit body lives on because it continues to be nourished by the life force.

So why do we have to eat food?

We “have to” eat food only because we were born and indoctrinated into the complicated illusion of life on Earth, where life kills life and consumes life to survive.

It wasn’t always that way.

Apparently our most ancient ancestors, the Edenites (described in a previous article), subsisted entirely on life force, the way a few mystics in India still do today. I suspect the Edenites were engineering an entire ecosystem on Earth that subsisted on life force… and that was the paradise of legend.

When their descendants, the Titans, took over after the contentious age of dinosaurs (also in that previous article), they decided to change things up. They engineered a new way of life based on conflict and competition, so that entities on Earth could get their life force in a more complicated, more “earthy” way… by eating each other and by assimilating the life force of those they ate. All entities would continue to be sustained by life force streaming from the source, but now they were also trapped in the convoluted drama of supplementing their life force by eating each other.

Living things on Earth eventually became accustomed to that dog-eat-dog way of life and started neglecting their omnipotent connection to the source… and I suspect that was the basis of the true “fall of man.”


If you could take a hundred newborn babies and their moms and cloister them all away somewhere in a loving, protected environment for 20 years, you could see the seeds of Eden reborn. The simple elegance of spirit would return to Earth.

The small, close-knit community would be totally isolated from the complicated dramas going on around them in the outside world. The families’ only desire and purpose in life would be to foster their spiritual connections and growth.

The mothers would eat only purified foods free of sugars, lectins, and other toxins. After feeding their babies mother’s milk for a few years, they would gradually wean them onto small amounts of purified baby foods while the kids learned how to meditate from the youngest age possible.

The kids would spend much of their time meditating… training themselves to live with a constant, conscious connection to the finer spirit within each of them. Some of those kids, if not all, could eventually be weaned off “food” altogether, subsisting on that boundless sea of life force that washes over the Earth in an endless stream.

That might well be the first viable step toward the “rise of man” (or resurrection of true man) in the Third Epoch.


(My main sources of information for this article: George Meek, Maggy Fischbach, Timestream Spirit Group, and, last but certainly not least, The Seven ethereal beings who choreographed everything behind the scenes while we were all working together. Thanks to them, I got some pretty amazing insights during my afterlife research. I didn’t realize when I started writing this article that it would tie everything together so neatly… and it’s probably not just a coincidence that it happens to be #7 in the series.   — MM)

Next up: How the vitality ratio manifests “heaven and hell”

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8 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 07 — A “Vitality” Formula Pulls Everything Together

  1. John R.M. Day says:

    Thank you Mark for these spiritual refinements of the Vitality ratio.
    Your comments about earth scientists being busy measuring and quantifying maya brings a smile.
    For those who are not familiar with Mark’s last book entitled “The Project,” I want to recommend it to go a bit deeper into the concepts presented here.

  2. Lizzie Wagner says:

    My goodness, Mark, you certainly put things together in clear and concise ways, making for greater understanding so necessary for our unclear minds to assimilate and thereby to make even a little progress. Thank you so much.

  3. Kate says:

    When I read about taking 100 babies and their mums I thought of the Hunza people In a mountainous region of northern Pakistan, the Hunza Valley – an isolated area of the Himalayas, home to a community of people…..they are said to live healthy fit lives until way past 100 years some to 125 plus years. They are spiritual people and treat each other as equals, men and women respecting each, peace-loving and beautiful, happy and work together in harmony as a community. A tiny little oasis on Earth of what life could be like. It’s a difficult place to get to but I think tourism has crept in a bit now. I would like to think that the things I’ve read and watched are accurate.
    This article has given plenty of food for thought especially regarding the life force from source and food. As soon as a baby is born it drinks human milk, an animal product, it has a natural reflex to do this it makes me wonder what an edenite baby would have had.

    Thanks, Mark for another great article

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for ‘hanging in there’ as I try to explain these offbeat scenarios that I’ve come to believe are close to the truth (explosion of planet Eden or Marduk, 4 billion year old humanity, original Edenites living on “life force” and not eating, their Titan descendants messing things up….)

      My guess is that the Edenites were genderless… sort of male-ish as depicted in the acambaro figurines and ica stones, so they didn’t have kids (and probably no sex organs). They were able to revitalize their physical bodies, like astronauts repairing and replacing their spacesuits. That was all before the time of dinosaurs. Then, since the dinosaurs… I think those more recent times were when Earth life was re-engineered to become cannibalistic (species eating each other), gendered (the development of male and female), and preoccupied by sex and procreation in a series of short lifespans.

      These are all best guesses that “feel right” to me based on all the evidence I’ve been digging into (science, religion, myth, frontier science, ancient artifacts and megaliths… and mostly ITC contacts.)
      And since they’re just best guesses and largely intuitive, again, I appreciate you hanging in there and introducing lots more evidence in your comments, like the Hunza people and the names of bright minds in the world today.


      • Kate says:

        I think your work is extremely accurate and your intuition is the epitome of someone inline with their soul path, life path, a noble path. I have learned so much from your work so thank you and thanks for always taking the time to reply.

        Sunday morning thoughts now on the Edenites, fascinating.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Well God bless you, Kate. Much appreciated.

          I love posting this evolving worldview and sharing comments with discerning minds. As long as we enjoy a small readership with a gentle breeze of good will, everything’s copacetic. Although…

          Radical ideas invariably cause ripples in the mainstream (of science, religion, and other schools of thought). There could be a storm on the horizon, but for now… steady as she goes. 🙂


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