Angelic Journey to the Source

Hi! This blog has been in hibernation mode for a couple of weeks as I’ve caught up with backlogs at work after our trip… and finished a couple of important projects here at home. One of those projects involves a guided visualization CD that I hope to publish next year. I hope to include on the CD a Bach orchestral piece with lyrics I wrote… and sung by a friend of ours named Debbie. To get an feel of the CD (tentatively called “Angelic Journey to the Source,” click here to hear an excerpt of the music as you read passages from the script, below.

From the script, Angelic Journey to the Source:

… There, along the banks of the river, among the trees, we encounter a small gathering of people—vibrant men and women at the prime of life. We see familiar faces in the group, and they’re ALL delighted to see us, as if they’ve been expecting us. We all exchange warm thoughts, feelings, and words.

Off to the side, something in the air starts to shimmer in the air, like heat waves. First, the size of a volleyball, the glimmering disc grows slowly to the size of a large door. And then, through the door, steps the most amazing person, or being, we’ve ever seen. He, or she?… the being doesn’t seem to have a gender… but has a soft and perfect human-like form that glows in subtle hues. Magnificent.

Someone whispers in awe, “It’s one of the rainbow people.”

We melt into an aura of love and wisdom that seems to surround the being like a huge invisible cloud. Everything in its presence relaxes into a mode of pleasure and peace.

The being notices us in the crowd… looks directly at us, approaches us, smiles, and greets us by name.

We ask, “Who are you?”

“We are what we are,” the being says. “It’s difficult to explain to you. I was never human, never an animal, and was never incarnate. Neither am I God! You know the picture of two children walking across a bridge. Behind them is a being that protects them. This is what I am to you but without wings. We are always available to offer humans guidance and protection. We accompany the lonely and grieving. We lie next to the sick and we ease the burden of the suffering. We love human beings. (pause) And today I would like to accompany you on your journey. For the moment, think of me as your tour guide.”

Ah, these Ethereals have a playful sense about them!

A thought passes briefly through our mind… a remembrance of all the pain and suffering endured by people on Earth… and we wonder, if only for an instant, how can there be such suffering, when beings like this exist?

As though reading our thoughts, the being continues, “We are always aware of people on Earth, but we can attune only to those of a finer vibration of love, similar to ours… those who have a healthy attitude toward daily life… and who accept the realities of spiritual existence and afterlife.”

We think for a moment of a radio receiver tuned to station of love songs… unable to hear other stations at the same time.

“Yes,” says the being, “a fitting analogy. It’s a matter of vibration, or resonance… and what people on Earth choose to tune into. It involves their feelings toward others and toward life, and toward the many invisible forces around them… their acceptance of an afterlife. Spiritual awareness, and attitudes of love and benevolence do not come naturally on Earth, as they do here in paradise. As we observe the Earth, we are attracted to those humans who make an effort to overcome their own selfishness and indifference toward others… those who extend a hand to help their fellow human beings. It is our purpose to help the Earth, and it is through those people of good will, and with their help, that we can do our work.”

As the message sinks into our mind, we seem to grow lighter. We look down at our hands, and they seem younger, more vibrant. It feels as though we could float on air… or simply think of a person or place, and be there instantly….

And our Guide says it’s time to go. The conditions are favorable now for our journey to the ethereal realm. We say farewell to the gathering on the banks of the river as we accompany our Guide toward the portal, still shimmering in the summerland air.

Holding in our heart this awareness of love as we approach the opening… this desire to serve others… we see beautiful rainbow light pulsing along the walls of the tunnel.

As we step in, we’re nearly overwhelmed by the bliss and love of our Guide. It’s as though we have become one.

There’s a sense of unbelievable speed as we whisk through the tunnel. No wind, but a loud rushing sound. With our Guide close beside us, we feel completely safe.

Our body seems to melt with the elements… almost as though we have no body… a sensation completely alien to us… but at the same time intimately familiar deep within. Somewhere, at the center of our being, we know this state of perfection into which we’re quickly moving. We ARE this state of perfection.

Now the sensation of speed begins to ease up. Things begin to settle as we emerge into… the Void. And now, we are still… alone in the presence of our Guide.

We feel a complete and perfect peace and silence.

We know this place, this feeling. We’ve felt this.

There is nothing other than this.

We are this.

This is truth.

This is omnipotence… omnipresence… God… Allah… Brahman… nirvana… consciousness… love… the great I-AM.

Out of this silence emerges everything… the entire universe… all universes everywhere… and back to this silence they always return.

Let’s take some time now to experience and explore this perfect silence… and when it’s time to return, I’ll call you back….

Let’s return now to our Guide.

We’ll return now to the company of our Guide.

We wonder, ever so briefly, if this place of perfect silence is where our Guide calls home.

No, the Guide replies, we sometimes come here to purify, revitalize, and clarify our purpose.

We become aware of spots of light, fading in slowly, like stars sprinkled throughout the void.

One of the stars becomes brighter and brighter, and we soon realize it’s really a cluster of six beings like our Guide. Each has the soft shape of a golden, four-pointed star, with occasional flares of rainbow light appearing and disappearing on the surface of the light body…

As we approach, several of them slowly morph into a subtle human-like form, similar to our Guide.

They greet us, not with words, but with an enveloping sense of welcome and acceptance.

It’s clear that our Guide is part of the cluster… what we on Earth would call a host of angels. We are home….

We wonder if they have names, and we’re told silently, by thought, that they have no need of names. They call themselves, simply, The Seven.

They can separate from the group for various missions and tasks, but they feel most comfortable as part of the host.

Being with them is awesome, and humbling. They exchange oceans of information instantly… and we can feel vast wisdom and knowledge being shared among them, far beyond our comprehension.

Then they slow down and things become silent. My guide and the other six now begin to share small, simple concepts, thoughts and mental images that we from Earth can comprehend and identify with.

We see the Earth now, as though from space… We can see that many ethereal guides—angels—are gathering now around our blue planet, and it becomes clear that we, today, live at a crucial moment in Earth’s long history.

Our Guide and the ethereal host are showing us this for a reason. There’s something they want us to do.

As though zooming in on the planet, we can see rich groves of olive trees, symbols of peace… and pyramids, symbolizing ageless wisdom.

We see mothers loving the infants in their arms… and the feeling is similar to what we’re feeling here, among the Ethereals.

We see crowds of people hungry and suffering, and we’re compelled to reach out and help them.

We see images of material acquisitions and wealth, and they seem empty… hollow… and we realize that the true measure of success… anywhere… is how much joy and happiness we can accumulate.

Happiness not just for ourselves but for those around us in our life.

We observe many people on Earth doing inner work… meditating… praying… and others doing outer work, through their love, good will, and service to others… and we can see that all of these activities spread light on Earth. We can see the spiritual vibration rising on the planet as a result of their actions.

And we can see that the many Ethereals, gathering around the Earth, are attracted to those people who commit themselves to the spread of love and good will. Subtle beams of spiritual light flow from the Ethereals into the minds of those men and women on Earth… and then spread outward around the planet.

As the Earth spins through space toward the future, it’s quietly, effectively stabilized by the vast hosts of angels… who see a future time when humanity can forge fruitful, durable relations with the light, ethereal realms of existence.

As that day approaches, we begin to see the emergence of the true human purpose… the true human worth… to become stewards of a paradise existence that is evolving slowly on Earth.

And now, our Guide separates from the host to accompany us home, back to Earth, provisioned with knowledge that is both new and ageless—knowledge to bring joy, meaning, and purpose to our life on Earth.

(Vocal version of the Bach composition)

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3 Responses to Angelic Journey to the Source

  1. Patrik says:

    Hello Mr.Macy.
    Wow, I’m impressed. This is beautiful.

    Thank you for doing this !

  2. Thanks Patrik. It’s an incredible pleasure to create things like this… and a privilege to be able to share it so easily, thanks to the Internet!

  3. Patrik says:

    Yes, I think some invented technologies are not so bad, however people have tendencies to misuse those technologies.

    Mr. Macy, I asked you this same question few months ago, but I think you haven’t noticed it yet, never mind. So, do you think there will be “another INIT” created in near future ? Is this blog the first step to gather people capable of “tuning their mind into a finer vibrations” and getting contacts through some technical devices ?
    Do you plan to do something like INIT in the future ?

    Sorry for my English 🙂

    Thank you !


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