That Last Lucid Moment Before Death, To Tie Up Loose Ends

In the moments before death, a loved one who’s been in an irretrievable coma suddenly wakes up and spends a few minutes or a few hours talking calmly and lovingly to friends and family.

To the family it seems like a miracle. Their loved one is suddenly cured.

Doctors know better. To them it’s just another case of terminal lucidity, when a dying patient, sometimes with irreversible brain damage, has a moment of mental clarity just before death… for no known reason. There’s no medical or scientific explanation of how these lucid moments are possible, especially when the patient’s body and brain are damaged or spent beyond repair.


Death has been surrounded by intrigue since ancient times, even before Cleopatra’s alleged suicide by snake. Today, a lucid moment just before death can be stunning to loved ones who observe it, but it’s just a small part of the larger mystery… what really happens to us after we die?


So what’s really going on in these last, lucid moments?

Well, if we understand the human spirit, it’s really not such a mystery.

While we’re alive and awake on Earth, our body is a vehicle used by our finer self, our spirit, to move around in this dense world.

Dying is a period of detachment… a time when our spirit is preparing to return home to paradise. And before leaving, we might want to tie up loose ends with those we leave behind.

One way to tie up loose ends is to visit our loved ones in lucid dreams, when their bodies are sleeping and their spirits are active and accessible. In effect, our guy (our spirit) talks to their guys (their spirits), so that hopefully the message gets through to the big guy (the carnal body and mind of one of our loved ones) once they wake up.

In the future there will be ITC systems, and we’ll be able to communicate with our friends on Earth through phones and radios and computers.

For now, one very natural and effective way to tie up loose ends is simply to communicate through our faltering vehicle or dying body one last time before it “gives up the ghost.” Even if the body isn’t biologically viable, it still has enough working parts to let us get our message through with loving eyes, warm hands, and a functional voicebox.

Hopefully, one day soon it will be just as natural for us, after we’ve died, to talk to loved ones back home on Earth through ITC systems.

A lot of good researchers are busy trying to make that happen.

For now, we can embrace those intimate moments when our dying loved ones, preparing for their next adventure, take a few moments to share their final moments of love and lucidity with us before moving on.

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46 Responses to That Last Lucid Moment Before Death, To Tie Up Loose Ends

  1. Nicola says:

    Thanks Mark.
    I wonder why this doesn’t convince the scientific community that we are more than just flesh and blood.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola, scientists are still in denial… but probably not for long.
      Evidence of afterlife is just too compelling,

      • Nicola says:

        Mark, do you think we could have a debate on whether it would be good for mankind to know their nature and what awaits them? I know you think it would, I lean far toward the opposite and would like to understand your views and put mine forward.

        • Mark Macy says:

          That’s a great idea, Nicola.
          Let me write a quick article this morning and post it, and maybe we can stimulate a big conversation on the subject.
          It could be among the most important subjects of this era.
          Thanks so much for thinking of it.
          You’re right, I just assume that knowing our spiritual nature is a good thing, but now that you mention it I can see some dangers as well, especially when it comes to the dark and troubled spirits hanging around the Earth.


          • angusmacro says:

            It would also make an interesting discussion topic on other websites where I’m a regular contributor. Well it would if firstly there were enough members persuaded and knowledgeable about survival and secondly enough of them prepared to contribute and debate the issue!

            It might be pertinent that our unseen friends appear not, at least for some time, to have tried to bring about any such discussion, perhaps because they see that the state of this world would make that discussion largely moot.

            A truly meaningful discussion would only likely ensue if we were actually faced with making such a decision when we knew that folk would hear and listen. Right now most probably wouldn’t do either.

  2. mac says:

    quote: “Hopefully, one day soon it will be just as natural for us, after we’ve died, to talk to loved ones back home on Earth through ITC systems.”

    There’s a saying that if it looks too good to be true it usually is…

    I’d love to find I’m unduly pessimistic. I’m in, or fast approaching, the last quarter of my incarnate life, maybe two decades before my time’s up. Will I see ITC in use before my departure or will I have to wait until my next time around? Anyone any idea?

    • Nicola says:

      ITC is in use by thousands of people. Probably the most prolific and well known of our current researchers is Sonia Rinaldi (Brazilian). A few years ago Marcello Bacci (Italian, now retired). There is a German (?) man who has an interview with a deceased German (ex Nazi IIRC) recorded complete with video. I think all three have been on at least their local mainstream news, and have certainly been in documentaries. Of course Mark has also been on mainstream news and documentaries, with his luminator pictures I think. And he has documented his group’s success on this site and worlditc. However it never seems to get further than that. Rather than being taken seriously, it is ignored and probably filed away as hocus pocus.

      People are too intent on savaging each other and counting their money than thinking about the afterlife.

      • Nicola says:

        Just to expand, if you mean in use as a regular communication method, Sonia Rinaldi has people call her and put questions to their loved ones. The session is recorded, and the answers appear on playback. At least that’s how I think it works.

        This is supposed to be a significant time for communication.

        The people on the other side are the ones doing all the work, and lets face it, we have all the time in the world – an eternity – so when or if it happens is almost of no consequence. And you may not have to come back again. 🙂

      • Mark Macy says:

        Nicola, The German researcher you mention might be Adolf Homes (who got the computer text from former Nazi Rudolf Hoess) or Hans-Otto Koenig, (who received lots of contacts from the other side, including some video clips, I think).

        They were both on Rainer Holbe’s very popular TV program, Fantastic Phenomena, on RTL (Radio-Television Luxembourg).

        I don’t think the English-speaking world has had such a good program about the afterlife, as Holbe’s program. We tend toward the spooky, at least here in the States.


        • Nicola says:

          Unfortunately here too. We have a number of paranormal tv programmes with silly ladies squealing and allegedly fraudulent mediums participating.
          The person I meant is Koenig, thank you.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Mac,

      Thanks for the comment. If it were up to me, ITC bridges like the one INIT enjoyed for about 6 years would open up today, and people everywhere would be able to contact their loved ones on the other side by phone, computer, and other devices.

      It has become apparent to me that INIT was a test case by the other side, to see how well such a bridge can be sustained under the current conditions on Earth… and I think we still have a ways to go.

      An ITC bridge depends on harmony and “one mind” on both teams on both sides of the veil, and that harmony is VERY difficult for us carnal humans to sustain… which is why I set up the recent worlditcnet website, a sort of template for a group website that might help a team here on Earth to sustain harmony with each other while collaborating on an ITC project.

      So, as far as future ITC bridges, the sooner the better as far as I’m concerned, but much depends on us… how well we can work together without too much squabbling.


      • angusmacro says:

        thanks for your comments, Mark.

        Communication is a special interest of mine so I try to keep up-to-speed with developments. Interesting that you think earlier protocols were for evaluation. Interesting, too, that for effective trans-dimensional communication you feel that psychic/spiritual harmony is important if not essential. That sounds similar to the situation with mediumship of most flavors.

        Given the wildly differing levels of individual spiritual progression of us humans – and comparatively low overall progression I’d estimate – the chances of deveoping a ‘soul phone’ anyone could use to call up discarnate loved ones looks to me increasingly remote.

        Where ITC has been successful I’ve been unable to rule out – based on what I’ve read – the involvement of a sensitive incarnate, a ‘spiritual medium’ as you North Americans call them. To this simple soul communications needing a go-between, a medium, isn’t ITC so much as traditional mediumship.

        What say you?

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Mac,

          Yes, it was my impression that The Seven ethereals put in a lot of “time” and energy trying to keep the bridge open for INIT, and had to remind us (on Earth) how important it was for us all to be of one mind for the sake of a stable contact field… suggesting that it was a sort of test bridge to see if we’re up to the task.

          The INIT experience suggested to me that a gifted medium was important in the early stages of the bridge, to help set up the contact field, and then if a team around the medium could sustain harmony, all of their minds would be “tapped” into the contact field and the mediumship would become unnecessary as our spirit friends could send information directly through the electromagnetics of our equipment.

          And yes, a small, cohesive team might be able to open and sustain an ITC bridge, but a “soul phone” for the general public is very unlikely. Too much conflict and disharmony to make it possible… imho….


  3. mac says:

    Mark had written above my earlier quoted words: “In the future there will be ITC systems, and we’ll be able to communicate with our friends on Earth through phones and radios and computers.” Plainly both of the verbs he used are future tense – he’s speaking about a time in the future and not referring either to his own earlier work or that of Rio do Tempo. Bacci worked with an old radio but was himself a physical medium.

    All the reported communications are a long way from our being able to contact directly ourselves loved ones on ‘the other side’.

    As a +30 year Spiritualist I’m not a ‘disbeliever’ by the way.

    • Nicola says:

      I’m not aware of Marcello Bacci being a physical medium. How so?

      • angusmacro says:

        When he’s away from his radio device the voices stop….

        • Nicola says:

          Thats what I would expect of anyone doing ITC research because the voices have to flow through a love connection. That’s why they are usually so poor to start with, because you are communicating with strangers that need to get to love you. Mr Bacci will have one point of contact (or team) that facilitates the voices, which is why strangers came through so clearly for him. It’s the teams’s love connection that allows the phenomena, rather than physical mediumship abilities in my opinion.
          All of this is of course just my understanding using my own experiences.
          I don’t know what to say about physical mediumship, apart from the power isn’t theirs but the other side’s.

          • Mark Macy says:

            Hi Mac & Nicola,

            I suspect that “physical mediumship” might be another term for what our spirit friends have called a disposition for ITC or and “emotional lance”…or it might be something similar.

            Here’s a direct link to a portion of an article that refers to that.


            Do either of you have an idea of that “emotional lance” could be the same as (or similar to) what people sometimes refer to as physical mediumship? That’s an important question for me that I’ve thought about a lot, but I’m not as intimately familiar with physical mediumship as I’d certainly like to be.


            • angusmacro says:

              quote: “Do either of you have an idea of that “emotional lance” could be the same as (or similar to) what people sometimes refer to as physical mediumship? That’s an important question for me that I’ve thought about a lot, but I’m not as intimately familiar with physical mediumship as I’d certainly like to be.”

              I struggled with the language in that piece, Mark. I simply don’t know if an “emotional lance” is a concept relating to physical mediumship. (PM)

              PM and its phenomena aren’t things I’m particularly interested in other than to demonstrate the message of survival. PM has always been a minority form of mediumship experienced by comparatively few. One of it’s phenomena, full-form materialisation, was highly regarded as perhaps the most dramatic and persuasive evidence of survival. It was always rare and presumably still is. Sadly in recent years the age old suspicions (along with some indesputable proof) of fraud have again surfaced in connection with phenomena produced by certain high-profile modern day phenomenalist practitioners sitting in dark seance conditions. Such individuals give mediumship a bad name although their popularity with audiences seems as sgrong as ever.

              None so blind as those who refuse to see…

          • angusmacro says:

            Physical mediumship, just as with any other form of mediumship, is a collaboration of incarnate – the medium – and discarnate(s), the spirit-side co-operator(s) / communicator(s). You can describe the mechanism and the practitioner using other words but the outcome remains the same – a connection between this world and the next. Move Bacci away from the machine demonstrating the connection and the connection fails. The physical phenomena produced – voices from an untuned wireless set – lead me to describe Bacci as a physical medium. If (quote) “the power” were solely that of the ‘spirit-side’ team one could expect the connection to continue when the practitioner withdraws, voices should still be heard. That’s not what happens.

          • Mark Macy says:

            Thanks, Mac, that’s a good, clear way to put it.

            And your earlier comment, describing full-body materializations and occasional fraud… that makes sense too. The idea that physical mediumship is a more “hands-on” type of spiritworld interaction designed just to give us humans a better feel that spirit is for real. Not intended to raise us to higher levels of consciousness with words of wisdom.

            Even Leslie Flint’s communicators were pretty “earthy” in the information they shared, as I recall.


  4. angusmacro says:

    quote: “The people on the other side are the ones doing all the work, and lets face it, we have all the time in the world – an eternity – so when or if it happens is almost of no consequence. And you may not have to come back again.”

    Our unseen friends ‘over there’ are the only ones able to move the process forward – that goes without saying. It’s fine that you feel when or if it happens is of no consequence for you but I was responding to Mark’s thread subject, the tying up of loose ends before we leave this world as he puts it.

    As for not coming back here again well, of course, none of us HAS to return to this dimension.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Mac, I think you’re right. None of us HAS to return to Earth. Based on my conscious mind, knowing what I know about this noble-savage life on this dog-eat-dog world, I would certainly “opt out” of another lifetime here.

      However, as I understand it, once we leave this world and our spiritual senses kick in, we go through a soul-searching period, sometimes facilitated by ethereal beings, in which we determine whether or not it’s necessary (at some kind of soul level) to give it another shot here on Earth… and maybe we decide, yes, we need to try again.


      • angusmacro says:

        Hi Mark

        The point you make about seeing matters differently after we leave this dimension is one I find myself making repeatedly on the forums where I spend all too much of my time.

        Individuals are adamant they won’t ever come again to this dimension and they may be right. But based on what wise teachers have said to us, our return to the etheric dimension(s) should find us able to do see matters in a very different light. This world likely will continue to present spiritually-progressing opportunities, perhaps different from anything that went before. Wouldn’t we be fools to pass them up?

        Looking back at the history of humankind wouldn’t the poor souls who incarnated in times long gone have justifiably been even more reluctant about returning to a world no less hospitable than ours but in different ways? Perhaps those individuals never did return but perhaps when they saw, from their etheric vantage point, how this world was likely to move forward from the situations they had experienced, perhaps then they appreciated its eternal value?

  5. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Mac, yes, that’s how our spirit friends at Timestream described it, maybe with us mortal humans in mind. They also refer to the Frederic Myers afterlife model when describing the various levels. Apparently the intent was to give us all a frame of reference in our dealings and common understandings…..

    • angusmacro says:

      I guess I’m an odd-man-out as such expression simply doesn’t work for me. And Myers ideas don’t appeal much either.

      • Mark Macy says:

        Yes, well, there are lots of cosmologies out there (each religion has its own), including everyone’s own, personal worldview/afterworldview. Some people feel more comfortable embracing an existing worldview, whether it’s Baptist or Shia or Shaktism or Mayahana or the Myers model… so that they don’t feel they’re going solo. Other people prefer to go solo, to be leery of “organized” religions and worldviews since ALL worldviews, invariably, have they’re misconceptions. (The vast worlds of spirit are simply too complex for our limited carnal minds to understand… at least that’s what I’ve come to believe.)

        So if you prefer your own sole journey over a collective soul journey (yuk yuk, a pun), more power to you! At least, that’s how I see it.


        • angusmacro says:

          I’ve grown to accept my solo journey (I liked your pun!!) and learned that my way is rarely that of others I encounter in this dimension. Maybe my incarnate life reflects my pre-incarnation ‘plan’ or just a natural, solitary, spiritual odyssey. Not too long to wait before I get to find out.

  6. angusmacro says:

    quote: “The idea that physical mediumship is a more “hands-on” type of spiritworld interaction designed just to give us humans a better feel that spirit is for real. Not intended to raise us to higher levels of consciousness with words of wisdom.” It’s not the way I’ve ever thought of physical mediumship but I suppose it’s fair to describe it that way. But full-form materialisation is only one aspect of physical mediumship and a rare one at that. There are other, more common aspects although they don’t particularly appeal to me.

    Philosophical mediumship has communicated just about all it can about the next dimension(s) I think. The information has been recorded and published over many years and what will follow to convey the message of survival looks uncertain. What I think is that traditional mediumship as demonstrated here in the UK at least has had its day.

    • Nicola says:

      I do not understand how people still follow mediums that have been shown as fakes. I think if people are shown to be fakes it negates all of the evidence they have ever presented, not just the session where they were caught standing on chairs or out of their restraints. What were these people thinking? They are morally bankrupt con men (and women) and thieves. It’s embarrassing and unnecessary. I’m glad we have ITC and don’t have to rely on mediums. Do the frauds believe in continuity? I think, probably, not.

      • angusmacro says:

        Discerning individuals don’t (quote) “…follow mediums who have been shown to be fakes.” They criticise poor practitioners and caution seekers about what they should expect from mediumship of whatever flavor. Practitioners discovered to be dishonest deserve to be judged in that light for as long as they do not change their approach and I’m particularly thinking of certain male practitioners.

        This feet-of-clay Taurean praises sound, persuasive mediumship of any kind and criticises anything that masquerades as it and criticises ‘psychic readers’ who present as ‘spiritual readers’. But ITC may not be wholly without criticism and it has yet to be as widely accepted as practitoner based services.

        A friend was highly enthusiastic about what had been claimed about ITC and began his own experiments while at the same time researching the subject in depth. What he experienced and discovered dismayed him deeply and he withdrew from further involvement.

        I do not doubt what’s ben reported from past experiments but I remain unpersuaded about somewhat optimistic claims about its future. For now, practitioner-based communication with our friends in the world unseen looks staying around.

        • Mark Macy says:

          I’m certainly familiar with people who get jazzed up by the claim of miracles and try to jump into the center of things to be a part of it all… and when it doesn’t happen to them as advertised they denounce it all as a fake. They become crusaders for a while until the feeling of rebuff slowly fades away and they can move on to other crusades. That’s all part of the ego-personality package that makes ITC so difficult for us carnal humans.

          Not really such a big deal, as long as an ITC group can remain cohesive and ignore crusaders and pouters and negative nancys and showboaters and…. whoa, that’s a lot of ignoring, and yes, it does make one wonder if ITC is viable in this world…


          • angusmacro says:

            ITC’s demands on those using it are very similar to the demands on those sitting for physical mediumship. It’s the similarities that leave me doubtful that ITC will be what’s been claimed by its supporters. I don’t feel it’s viable as it stands; I don’t think the promised ‘soul phone’ is on anyone’s realistic horizon.

            We’re always being promised that something is just around the corner, that there’s a global shift of energy indicating a coming dawn of heightened spiritual awareness. Maybe but it seems to fail to take account of the wildly differing levels of spiritual progress evident in the global population. What progress does occur can be minuscule and slow in arriving.

            I would just LOVE to be proven wrong but it’s gotta happen in the next couple of decades.

          • Mark Macy says:

            My comment above (posted 12 hours ago) suggests I’m still a little touchy on the subject of vocal skeptics.
            I apologize if I touched nerves with, well, my own touched nerves.

            • angusmacro says:

              quote “My comment above (posted 12 hours ago) suggests I’m still a little touchy on the subject of vocal skeptics. I apologize if I touched nerves with, well, my own touched nerves. Mark”

              Certainly didn’t cause me any discomfort, Mark, and I always like to hear what folk think about matters spiritual….

          • Mark Macy says:

            Hi Mac, I now think you were referring to a friend of yours who had negative experiences with his experiments and decided to get out of the work for a while… wise choice. Been there, done that… so I can commiserate with your friend.

            When I first read your comment I thought (mistakenly) that you were referring to one of those people, usually with credentials and something to prove, who just want to get in the middle of things and experience it for themselves… so that they can write a paper or a book that PROVES THE AFTERLIFE!… woo-hoo… and when they don’t have the life-transforming experience, they decide it’s all a fake. They crusade against the work because they feel snubbed. I’ve encountered people like that, and I DON’T commiserate with them. 🙂


        • Nicola says:

          What happened to your friend who was disappointed with ITC?
          We will have to agree to disagree about mediums, particularly mental mediums, and particularly those who require a large payment. Without a doubt there are those who are genuine but without a doubt there are those that are not and it is too difficult to tell the difference when there are other methods available that involve more than one person and trust. 🙂
          I have been in and out of spiritualist churches for more than thirty years. This isn’t an uninformed bigoted point of view. Just a sad one.

          • angusmacro says:

            My friend left to concentrate his efforts elsewhere. I was shocked as he’d been an active supporter of ITC, a knowledgeable individual I respect.

            I don’t see reasonable charges as an issue when sound mediumship is provided but I agree that finding a reputable practitioner can be as difficult as finding hens’ teeth. When it’s a scam it’s a scam and I despise those who perpetrate such scams. The mode of mediumship is immaterial when it’s fraudulent – it’s simply a con.

            I haven’t had a need for the Spiritualist church structure (UK) for well over two decades yet I suggest to others that they may wish to investigate to see if it’s right for them. I’m sad they don’t do what they once did but that’s the way of so many things in this world.

            Fings ain’t wot they used to be….

  7. angusmacro says:

    oops – Should have written: “…in the world unseen looks like staying around” (unable to edit)

  8. Ed says:

    I’m baffled with the assumption that there’s such a thing as “afterlife evidence” when skeptical scientists like Dr. James Randi have tested numerous claimants over the years, in his Million Dollar Challenge, and no claimant has ever won the prize in the 30 years Dr. Randi offered his challenge. While there is no matter of fact proof or disproof of an afterlife, the chances of there being one are slim at best.

    • Mark Macy says:

      yeah, well….
      Did you check out the “Substantiation” page on this site (link at top of each page)?
      There’s never enough spiritual evidence to convince a devout, fundamentalist skeptic, just as there’s never enough scientific evidence to convince a devout, fundamentalist Christian.

    • angusmacro says:

      How, and for what reason(s), did you end up viewing Mark’s material if you’re so confident about your assertions? You claim afterlife evidence to be an assumption but based on what research? What led you to such a skewed conclusion?

      You’ve read Randi’s stuff but presumably little else or you might have told us that wasn’t evidence either. Why come here with your dismissal of all that others know about their speciality when you’re not persuaded – seemingly – on the basis of Randi’s challenge?

      Are you even interested in the subject or did you come simply to mock?

    • Phil says:

      Ed, James Randi has no doctorate. He never attended a college or university. In fact the man is just an old high school drop out who ended up as a stage magician. And when his stint as a magician ended he became a self proclaimed paranormal “researcher” debunker, and one of the founders of the now defunct CSICOP back in the 70s. He has absolutely NO scientific background or training that grants him an expert in the paranormal. And as for his alleged “million dollar challenge” it was merely a very long running publicity stunt. It was designed to make ever applicant lose. Just like Randi once said, “I have a way out of everything.” And Ed, like it or not, there is evidence, a wealth of substantiated scientific evidence supporting survival of consciousness. And that’s a fact.

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