ITC Tip 4: What Sort of Spirits To Expect

The main goal of ITC research is to establish a communication bridge with the other side with our TVs, radios, computers, phones, and other technical devices.

As I mentioned in Tip #2, most of the spirits who are attracted to ITC research apparently are either…

  • in the shadow world that covers the Earth, or else
  • in the afterlife paradise world called Eden, or Marduk, located on what is sometimes called the “third level” of spirit.

(Read more about those two places…)

With this article we’ll take a closer look the spirits in those two realms, and what motivates them to work with us.

So, why those two spirit realms? Because…

  1. Those are the two places where most of us on Earth usually awaken after we die,
  2. They’re inhabited by people-in-spirit who most closely resonate with and resemble us carnal humans, in terms of appearance and disposition, and
  3. They seem to be the only two places where spirits still have an avid interest in the rough-n-tumble affairs of this noble-savage Earth. They want to stay in touch with us, while most other spiritual beings everywhere else would probably rather not.
  4. The shadow world is easily accessible to us, since it covers our world like an invisible spiritual blanket. Those spirits move in and out of our lives constantly. (The ‘shadow world’ might be what is sometimes called the “second level” of spirit… but I think it is more likely just an invisible cloud of spiritual “residue” of many confused and troubled people who have died and suddenly find themselves ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go.’)
  5. The spirits at the third level, in the communities of Eden (Marduk), have a trickier time pinpointing our physical locations on Earth, and sometimes travel through tunnels to get here… to work directly with us and with our equipment. For that reason I suspect they are probably a bit more serious and dedicated, once they become involved in an ITC project, probably with the help of ethereal beings who manage the tunnels, whom I discuss below.

(Read more about the spirits of the shadow world and third level…)

There are also some “higher-level” spirits who can get involved in ITC and other affairs of Earth.

  • They include an individual researcher’s loved ones who have died and transcended to finer realms but are “called back” to the third level to help with the ITC bridge… which is probably like one of us here on Earth serving as a missionary or volunteering to help the sick or the poor… a job that not everyone is suited for or receptive to.
  • They also include powerful angelic / ethereal beings who, for whatever reason, have been assigned the job (within some sort of spiritual hierarchy) of trying to help us carnal humans on Earth find our way toward enlightenment. Some of those ethereal beings (such as “The Seven”) might provide guidance and support for worldly efforts such as an ITC bridge… as long as “the vibrations of those present (on an ITC project) are in complete harmony and their aims and intentions are pure.”

In a nutshell, then, those are the kinds of spirits who apparently are involved in ITC projects—random spirits in the shadow world moving in and out of our lives, dedicated teams in the third level who make a concerted effort to work with us, and nobler spirits from finer realms who facilitate the advanced ITC connection between Heaven (third level) and Earth.

My advice? Focus on accessing the spirits at the third level who have the steadiness of will and the ethereal support to establish a lasting bridge with our world. And that’s where the ITC aptitude comes in real handy in ITC research.


It was an unlikely film I was watching on Netflix last night that compelled me to write this article… a documentary called Magnus about an eccentric and extraordinarily gifted young Norwegian chess player named Magnus Carlsen who’s been a grandmaster since age 13 and is currently the world champion.

While watching the movie I became more and more convinced that his unpredictable, electrifying style is probably choreographed to a large degree by a clever spirit team, perhaps in the shadow world of Earth… much the way spirits often work with ITC researchers. (Some of the entities of the shadow world are apparently quite clever; they’re the ones who create crop circles, for example, according to one contact we received.

Most people would probably scoff at the notion of spirits being involved in chess matches… but then most people scoff at notions of spirits, period.

I know from my research that well-intentioned spirits help lots of people, and here’s why I suspect there are clever spirits working with chess masters like Magnus Carlsen, who is extremely introverted… if not a slight bit autistic.

  • While most brilliant chess masters study several moves ahead and nowadays work with complex computer scenarios, Mr Carlsen acknowledges that while he too keeps in mind a broad view of the match underway, he’s more inclined to be guided by “intuition.” According to the movie, certain pieces and squares often seem to light up in his mind, indicating clearly what he has to do next. His unexpected moves often disconcert his opponent because they seem so other-worldly.
  • His trance-like focus during a match suggests that he’s in a meditative or “alpha” state, which allows spiritual attunement.
  • He says that his “inner demons” sometimes disrupt his focus, such as when he seemed dazed among the throngs herding him from the airport to the World Chess Championship in 2013 in spiritually rich India to compete against reigning champ Viswanathan Anand… or when he seemed to have a mental meltdown while facing certain Russian masters (who many believe are taught techniques of psychic warfare through intense concentration to quietly unhinge their opponents.).

Most people would deny the influence of spirit on worldly affairs like chess games, but when I see reports of the most amazing chess players that are filled with terms like intuition, other-worldly, idiosyncratic, mercurial, and making moves “out of thin air”… my mind instantly goes to spirit-alert mode.

Yes, I think chess is one of those mental activities here on Earth (like some forms of ITC research… and maybe writing and music composition and scientific exploration and Ouija boards and EVP) that attract clever spirits to get involved in the dramas of our world.

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7 Responses to ITC Tip 4: What Sort of Spirits To Expect

  1. Nicola says:

    I think it’s less likely to be external spiritual influence, than his own.
    Autism is recognised as a disorder that is rooted in the brain. If we consider the brain as the receiver of our spirit, if there is a disconnect or ‘malfunction’ between the receiver and our essence, then our essence will be more truly here and present than it ‘should be’. So we will function more as our true self than our human self.
    I am only talking about Asperger’s syndrome, or HFA. Severe autism doesn’t readily fit this profile and would need serious consideration.

  2. John says:

    I consider the heart to be the receiver/transponder of spirit. There is ample research to support this, and, as we know, most non western cultures embrace this as reality. The brain is supposed to assist the messaging of the heart and not override it. We are losing this quality as a human culture and that is why there is so much intense trouble in our world right now.
    In the autistic spectrum, is the disconnect between heart and brain more pronounced?
    Or do autistic people have a better connection between heart and brain?
    I don’t know the answer to these questions.
    I think the secret to successful ITC research lies in the primacy of the heart and in having participants be able to get their brain and its terrorist overlords of judge, critic, skeptic, pusher, and victim out of the way.
    Here is a writing on the subject of the heart’s real workings which I wrote last month…
    Thank you.

  3. Mark Macy says:

    Thanks for the comments, Nicola and John. You both are obviously more knowledgeable than I on the subject of autism. I admit I lean toward spiritual influences on many human behaviors and conditions. If they do play a part in Aspergers Syndrome and autism. and if so to what extent, I probably won’t really know until I move to the other side at the end of this lifetime and, hopefully, get to see the interplay between spiritual and carnal humans from that perspective. I suspect there’s a connection, but….

    I watched a documentary recently (The Gut: Our Second Brain… on Netflix, I think) about the brain in the human gut, which is getting a lot of attention lately… something I wasn’t aware of. There’s more and more evidence to suggest that intelligence isn’t centered in the brain, as science traditionally believed, but is more of a distributed system throughout the body (as your Haelenlifestream article notes about the brain, John, something I too have long believed).

    As Nicola points out, though, the overwhelming evidence is that the root of autism is in the brain.

    Food for thought…

  4. John says:

    Thanks Mark…the mind is all over the field of our being, for sure.
    I have a first cousin who is autistic. He is now 63, and he is still getting better as the years go by.
    I think this was his spirit journey and karma, and also the karma of his family unit to play this role out.

  5. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark,

    I hope all is well! I wanted to share with you what I think is a fascinating subject, which I think carries relevance with regard to when spirits are very close to our world. I recently heard on Coast to Coast AM a wonderful guest by the name of Lisa Smartt (two T’s) – who has been working on “The Final Words” project – that is, the study of a dying person’s final words. She is an accomplished linguist who studies speech patterns. She speaks of how a very large bulk of the cases she has seen consists of the dying person speaking in beautiful metaphors – stunning and very mysterious words of wisdom that the person speaks just as they are about to cross into the other world. I haven’t bought her book yet but I am strongly considering it. I remember a couple of her cases she spoke about – one was where a 22 year old man was dying, and his final words were something like “…that’s right – only 22 years this time.” Another one was where an elderly lady asked her relative to get her a pen and paper so she could write down the names of everyone coming to “the party”. The relative gave her this, and she managed to write down the names of many predeceased people (only predeceased – none currently alive) – and then passed away after she was done writing the list. That website is here:

    It seems that in those moments, our two worlds really do merge. The angelic encounters are so prevalent and so consistent in the cases she talked about that it seems almost silly not to believe that the angelic realm is not just steps away in those final moments. Could the person themselves actually be a brief bridge between the two worlds in those very tender, sad and sometimes baffling moments?

    Those were just my thoughts!

    All the best wishes,


  6. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Ricky,

    Clever idea, recording people’s final words as their consciousness is moving from the physical to the astral. I remember when my mother was dying (peacefully) in a guest room at my brother’s house. For a week or two they had one of those baby monitor transmitters in her room in case she needed help. Occasionally we’d hear her talking to one invisible guest or another, saying things like, “What are YOU doing here?”


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