Loose Ends

A better way to save heart-attack victims doesn’t involve mouth-to-mouth. (click here for an informative video)

Some of the best evidence for global warming and rising sea levels traces back to ancient Rome, where rock fish tanks were built next to coastal villas along the Mediterranean. The tanks were built slightly above sea level to keep fish from escaping… and they remained that way until now. In recent years they’ve become submerged, to indicate rising seas. (article and pictures)

An unprecedented mass extinction could be in store for the planet, as a result of climatic changes underway. (details) Good time to have a spiritual foundation with an investment in the bigger picture.

The top ten scientific mysteries about early humans include where we came from and who we had sex with. Not fully in line with what I believe, based on ancient Eden (Marduk) and alien intervention with humans on Earth… but fascinating nonetheless! (article)

Someone broke onto my Facebook account about a year ago and planted a scam message, suggesting readers click on it to see an amazing video. After that, I closed my FB account. I thought it might be the result of right-wing political shenanigans. I get a bit paranoid when the snake emerges from its den!… as it did again recently. (article and cartoons) (Don’t worry, though, I’m trying to distance myself from politics unless and until Mr Obama starts taking a less conciliatory approach to his attackers… so you’re not likely to see many political views expressed here in the coming months…)

Turned out to be a virus called “koobface” that has worked its way through the Facebook community, causing lots of problems… spreading itself everytime someone clicks on the link. (a New York Times article) Interestingly… one of the early Facebook developers broke away recently to start a new, more personal network called “Path,” which limits a person’s e-friends to his or her smaller circle of real-life friends. (another article about a more intimate approach to social networking)

A good future boils down to love, by every measure! (an uplifting video)

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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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