More Modern-Day Epicycles

Interesting article in the NY Times this past week… about science, zombies, and consciousness, written by a  philosophy professor at Notre Dame university.

It’s more a philosophical essay than a scientific analysis, but it explains the dilemma involved in trying to fit mind and spirit into the modern scientific model.

Read here “Mary and the Zombies: Can Science Explain Consciousness?”

The essay, like science, looks at consciousness from the eyes of an objective outside observer… which could present an obstacle to understanding the mind.

I think we can get a much clearer understanding of consciousness through more subjective, more personal experiences such as meditation.

The more we learn through inner exploration, the more we move toward the Eastern  philosophy (and I’m talking way east of Notre Dame) that what really exists within consciousness (what people like me call “spirit” or “soul”) is the true reality… and that the material reality that we experience through the five physical senses here on Earth is the illusion, the “maya.”

Modern science, then, becomes little more than a concerted effort to measure maya… and to spin modern-day epicycles while trying to fit the grander picture of consciousness (spirit) into the constrained Newtonian model.

Hope that make sense!

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2 Responses to More Modern-Day Epicycles

  1. gamescribe says:

    Makes sense and I concur – not only agree – 100% !
    Randall C Shelton
    Author and Speaker
    “Life on Earth: THE GAME; a Manual for those who didn’t bring theirs”.


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