What ITC Groups Could Learn From the Ancients (8.2)

How did life and human civilization unfold here on Earth?

Let’s shuffle together the best ancient knowledge and the best modern knowledge to see what the human timeline really looks like. Deal?


I’ll start with a bare skeleton of modern truths… that is, the shiniest, most reliable nuggets of information that have been found or revealed in recent years to help us understand our ancient past.

Once that skeleton of human history is as complete as I can get it, I’ll start filling in the meat with chunks of ancient information that fit neatly around the bones.


The Solid Skeleton

Life is a puzzle with lots of missing pieces, and my hope here is to assemble the most accurate picture possible.

I’ve gathered up the most reliable puzzle pieces from ITC contacts (detailed information delivered to us from the spirit worlds through technical equipment on Earth)… and, to a lesser degree, from science.

I find that mainstream science has tremendous strengths, but also a few serious limitations.

Among its greatest strengths, I believe, are the various scientific dating methodologies… ingenious techniques to assess the age of rocks and fossils and ancient tools and things.

(

Dating techniques make science one of the most reliable sources of information on the planet.

On the other hand, mainstream scientists today have fallen down a “Darwtonian” well of their own making, and the view from down there is not very expansive.

  • They believe (rather dogmatically, thanks to their devotion to Charles Darwin) that modern humans evolved from lesser primates some 5 million years ago… period… no debate… end of story.
  • They also (thanks to their devotion to Isaac Newton) are consumed by the mechanistic, material world and deny the human spirit. Consciousness is a product of the brain, and when you die, that’s it… no spirits… no afterlife… final answer.

Well, a lot of the meat that we’ll be adding to the bones of our historical skeleton happens to fly in the face of Darwin and Newton devotees, but that meat is pretty darned convincing… as you’ll see.

More and more evidence is turning up in recent years to suggest that humans…

  • Not only lived right here on Earth many hundreds of millions of years ago
  • But also exist now in finer (spiritual) realms that are timeless

… and that we today are far less advanced than many of those humans… both the ancient ones then, and the spiritual ones now.

Meanwhile, mainstream scientists today remain stuck in their narrow “Darwtonian” view of the world, so that the mounting evidence of spiritual humans and of very ancient humans puts them in the awkward position of either…

  • having to ignore the mounting evidence, or…
  • having to quickly bury it in dusty archives, or…
  • having to accuse the finders and endorsers of the evidence of being hucksters or imbeciles.

So… the solid skeleton below is formed out of credible ITC contacts, as well as basic scientific dating methods… and it tries to avoid the biases and misinterpretations that come from tunnel vision.

These are what I think are the solid bones, or facts, of the human timeline.  (Ancient events discovered by science are in bold type… events revealed through ITC contacts are in regular type… and comments in brackets [ ] are my speculations based on the facts.)

  1. [First off, time is an illusion of the physical world. The omniverse, consisting of many, many physical and spiritual universes, is timeless and flourishes with life at many levels. So this timeline, while meaningful to us humans, is somewhat deceptive in the bigger picture. Still, it’s important at this point in history to make the timeline as accurate as possible.] That said…
  2. A big, defining, cosmic event happened in our solar system some 4.5 billion (4,500,000,000) years ago.
  3. Long, long ago superhumans from Eden, or Marduk, became marooned on Earth, [suggesting that a physical planet Marduk was probably destroyed by the super technologies of its superhuman inhabitants, and that was probably the big, defining event].
  4. Since then, Earth and the other planets circling our sun have been ravaged by asteroids, meteoroids, and other shrapnel [that have been buzzing around our solar system like a swarm of angry hornets].
  5. Edenite colonists on Earth at the time of the explosion became marooned here… and they were the last living Edenites.
  6. The Edenite castaways enjoyed a mastery over nature until their “dissension with the serpent,” [that is, presumably, the age of the dinosaurs].
  7. Dinosaurs walked the Earth starting around 250,000,000 years ago and died out around 65,000,000 years ago.
  8. Edenites stuck here on Earth eventually had superhuman descendants, whom we sometimes call titans or gods.
  9. Atlantis originated on Earth long ago [the exact time uncertain].
  10. Project Sothis started 20,000 years ago as a project to bring carnal humans into closer collaboration with spiritual humans and other intelligent, invisible beings inhabiting the worlds of spirit.
  11. The “fall of man” legend emerged from the actual downfall of Atlantis, which came as the result of blind trust in a massive technology.
  12. Project Sothis ended around the time of the fall of Atlantis.
  13. The last remnants of the island empire of Atlantis sank around 1250 BC.
  14. In the late 1980s, the Seven ethereals or superhumans or “Rainbow people” facilitated a high-tech communication bridge between us and our ancestors (spirits), who began to describe the paradise spirit world Marduk, or Eden, where they had awakened after dying on Earth.
  15. The Seven announced they’ve observed humanity across the eons and came close on several occasions… this (starting around 1990) being the seventh and most recent. They began to send us (the members of INIT) puzzle pieces like those listed above… in order to restart Project Sothis.


Putting Meat on Those Bones

So the next step is to start filling in the skeleton with muscle and organs, that is, ancient records.

Ancient records can come from anywhere, and we’re looking for the ones that fit neatly into the skeleton above… ones that 1) have not yet been accepted and understood by mainstream science and 2) have not yet been revealed through ITC contacts… but are nonetheless compatible with the skeleton.

Some ancient findings can be scientifically dated, and they’re often tens of thousands or tens of millions of years old, totally stressing and straining the Darwtonian worldview. Mainstream scientists come up with explanations that seem rational to them… as they try to wriggle out of the uncomfortable position they’re put in by these findings.

Other old, old materials cannot be dated, and so science arbitrarily gives them an age of several thousand years, so that they fit into their worldview… but I suspect that many of those misshapen puzzle pieces are much, much older.

The picture collages below give an idea of the specific kinds of historical records I’ll be sculpting in the skeleton.

Meaty Evidence


Various Atlantean air and space craft recorded in cultures around the world. Clockwise from left: 1) Interior of spacecraft (Mayan, Mexico); 2) various air and space ships (Abydos, Egypt); 3) jet airplane (Quimbayan, Colombia); 4) flying disk (Mayan, Mexico); 5) another flying disk (Mayan, Mexico); 6) rocket (Kush, Egypt); 7) drawing of vimana flying craft based on Sanskrit specifications (Vedas, India).




Ancient footprints (clockwise from top left): Paluxy, Texas, USA (Burdick); Laetoli, Tanzania (Leakey); Langebaan, South Africa (Roberts); Antelope Springs, Utah, USA (Meister); Fisher Canyon, Nevada, USA (Reid); Lake Managua, Nicaragua (Espinosa); Paluxy, Texas, USA (Delk, circled); Paluxy, Texas, USA (Taylor); Roccamonfina volcano, Italy (Avanzini); Zapata, New Mexico, USA (Shockey). Among the most remarkable of these ancient footprints is the circled one, which shows how a 3-toed dinosaur foot stepped on a 5-toed human footprint, probably some 100 million years ago. (The human toe prints are at the top left of that small frame.)




Ancient technologies that are way too advanced for their estimated age (clockwise from top left): Antikythera clockwork mechanism with many gears found in an ancient shipwreck (Greece); vase-shaped Baghdad battery (Iraq); big light bulb mural Dendera (Egypt); Dropa stones, one with an overlay added to highlights the kind of detail found on some of these stones (China); brass bell and iron bowl found in coal that was formed more than 100 million years ago; two high-quality optical lenses probably produced in Atlantean times, one inherited by the Mesopotamians, the other by the Vikings (various); a 115-million-year-old hammer found in London, Texas (USA); and a few of the thousands of precision metal spirals ranging from handheld-sized to microscopic (Russia).



Dinosaurs and humans are shown interacting in Acambaro figurines (Mexico) and in Ica stone carvings (Peru). The figurines and stones are probably legitimate prehistoric finds, probably some 100 million years old, though mainstream science insists that they’re much, much younger… and probably faked.

… to be continued…..

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