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My Conference Video in English

Thanks to a positive comment from reader Tosca about the conference video I made for Italy last month, I decided to make a complete video in English and post it on youtube now (rather than waiting until I first present … Continue reading

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What ITC Groups Could Learn From the Ancients (8.2)

(In rewriting ancient human history… ) I’ll start with a bare skeleton of modern truths… that is, the shiniest, most reliable nuggets of information that have been found or revealed in recent years to help us understand our ancient past. Once that skeleton of human history is fairly complete, I’ll start filling in the meat with chunks of ancient information that fit neatly around the bones…. Continue reading

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The Human Story 3: An Ancient Timeline

The human puzzle gets more mind-boggling as the pieces come together. Many of the pieces in this article have been hauled in from the dusty archives of museums and labs where scientists tuck away inconvenient evidence that clashes with the prevailing paradigm…. Continue reading

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