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Tracing the Family of Man :-)

Into the Lighter Side #4 “Daddy, where did the human race come from, anyway?” the little girl asked. “Well, Sweetie, long time ago humans grew from monkeys. From apes. It’s called evolution.” “Ew,” said he girl as she ran off … Continue reading

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Two Todds? What Are the Odds? :-)

Into the Lighter Side #3 A pretty young woman at the end of a dreary business trip to New York in the dead of winter was delighted by a bouquet of beautiful flowers delivered to her hotel room, then stunned … Continue reading

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Only the Good Get Summoned :-)

Into the Lighter Side #2 God was getting really concerned now. After watching humanity on Earth across the ages… from the marooned superhuman colonists from Eden contending with asteroid impacts after the destruction of their paradise home planet 4 billion … Continue reading

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Undeniable Proof: There Is a Heaven :-)

Into the Lighter Side #1 (Note: I’m going to start sprinkling a little humor in this site, with a growing collection of articles intended mostly to be fun, maybe a little insightful in some cases… but mostly fun. Some will … Continue reading

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2012 End Times: Complete Details

God sent an email…. Continue reading

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The Human Story 3: An Ancient Timeline

The human puzzle gets more mind-boggling as the pieces come together. Many of the pieces in this article have been hauled in from the dusty archives of museums and labs where scientists tuck away inconvenient evidence that clashes with the prevailing paradigm…. Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned from ITC (Part 2)

Today I harbor more good will than ill will toward those around me… although two situations still test me: driving and politics. On George Carlin’s driver scale, I lean a little toward the “maniac” side by nature…. Continue reading

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What’s In a Smile?

A fellow called the funeral home to say his wife had died during the night. Funeral Home: We can pick up the body. What’s your address? Fellow: 465 Eucalyptus Street. Funeral Home: How do you spell that? Fellow (after a … Continue reading

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Fun 1: So This Minister Is at the Pearly Gates….

A minister dies and finds himself second in line at the pearly gates…. Continue reading

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