Terra 04 — How Our Material Universe Came To Be

Matter and energy. This article is about how cosmic forces formed our material universe into a realm of structures (matter) and forces (energy) that we’ve grown familiar with. The scenario below makes sense to me—based on a growing awareness of the source at the center of everythingbut it’s speculative. Also, words have their limitations, so discernment is welcome.

As life-energy from the source streams and spirals out-beyond to Earth, it creates countless universes and worlds along the way. It’s a perplexing process, but to keep things fairly simple, we can arbitrarily divide that vast cosmos into 7 levels or realms that are all superimposed, or nested within each other. They range from dense worlds of structure at level 1 to light, formless worlds of brilliant consciousness at level 7. Here on Terra, we’re in a material universe at level 1.

How did material universes like ours come to be? That’s what we’ll try to unravel here.

And more important, how do dense physical universes like ours fit into the grand scheme of the cosmos, which is mostly subtle and spiritual… nonmaterial?

Let’s start with what we know, thanks to science.

  • 300 years ago Isaac Newton noticed that all structures consist of particles (what we’ve come to call atoms).
  • 150 years ago James Clerk Maxwell noticed that structures flourish in a sea of electromagnetic waves (light, electricity, magnetism….)

Since then, we know that our universe consists of matter and energy. Whether we’re observing a planet, a person, or a pinpoint, we’re all made of atoms and atomic energies, which we’ve come to accept as the basic building blocks and basic forces of our universe.

But those building blocks might not be as “basic” as we used to assume. Here are some things we’re learning more recently about atoms and atomic energies:

  • Atoms are tiny, but their energies are vast (E = mc2), as observed in a nuclear generator or an atomic explosion.
  • When we delve inside atoms, we find they consist of subatomic particles and waves, which have mystical properties that quantum physicists are only starting to understand. For example:
  • Particles sometimes become waves, and waves sometimes become particles.
  • Such transformations can occur when we humans observe them!
  • (Speculation: if atomic energies are vast, then those waves near the source might be immeasurable—capable of creating and sustaining paradise worlds in our dense universe… or obliterating them if misused.)
  • The basic “stuff” of our universe might be neither matter nor energy—neither particle nor wave— but “fragments of energy.”

Or just maybe…

It seems that as we delve deeper and deeper into the microcosm, and things get more complicated, we get ever closer to seeing the true essence of life-energy—a glimpse of “God”—the actual process by which the source creates and sustains the material universe.

The process of creation apparently centers around consciousness.

How Consciousness Creates Reality

Our spirit friends communicated with us (INIT members) through phones, radios, and computers in the 1990s, describing their earth-like paradise world at level 3, where most of us awaken after we die. They told us on one occasion:

While level 3 is a product of the human mind, it is as much a reality as is planet Earth.”

That short message implies that worlds at level 3 (and probably most everything throughout of the vast cosmos) are formed by consciousness. That’s apparently why waves and particles in our world change when we observe them here at level 1. Our thoughts and expectations about them affect them… the same way our thoughts and expectations about our pets can affect them… as researched by frontier scientist Rupert Sheldrake.

Again, quantum physicists observing waves and particles might be getting a glimpse of the true nature of the cosmos as it’s being created, ultimately, by the source. Created by consciousness—the driving force of life-energy.

The Source Creates, We Devise

So the popular term “thoughts are things” takes on real meaning. We create much of our reality with our thoughts, feelings, and expectations. Here’s an extreme example (and I think a very important one). One of our spirit friends (who’d died on one of Earth’s parallel physical worlds) told us:

The inhabitants of Earth have not only a different view of their world than do those of my home planet, Varid, but also a different physics. For instance, the planet I come from was flat in 600 B.C. It was as flat then as it is round now. The planet has not changed, but the spirit of its inhabitants has. The spirit of man, whether on Earth or Varid, is constantly changing. Man attributes this maturing of intellect to advancements in science and to more accurate methods of investigation….” — Swejen Salter, 1991

Swejen was apparently saying that the actual structure of her home planet, Varid, was defined by the collective consciousness (thoughts and beliefs) of its inhabitants, not by the actual material shape of the planet. That implies, according to the physics of her world, that if everyone on Earth today believed that the Earth is flat, then the Earth would be flat.

Mind-boggling? You bet.* But mysteries like that are bound to greet quantum physicists as they venture ever deeper into the realm of waves and particles, getting ever closer to the source.

*In 1492, when Columbus set off from Europe to find America, most people apparently believed the world was flat. Was it flat? Most of us today would consider the idea preposterous. Is it preposterous? A light being at level 7, close to the source, might reply, “The only truth is in the source. All universes throughout the cosmos are just appearances, mirages that have been devised by the minds of their inhabitants. To find answers to questions like these, explore beyond your perceptions; go to the source.”

How much of our “reality” (matter and energy, particles and waves…) is real? And how much of it is a mirage… an appearance? That’s the crossroads where philosophy and mysticism intersect today with science, especially physics, here on Earth.

No Divine Plan. So life-energy doesn’t just stream out-beyond from the source into the cosmos to create reality according to some kind of divine plan. I believe the source is simply a bundle of infinite, brilliant potential. Life-energy leaves the source as a pure, non-vibrating light or consciousness, then it starts to vibrate slower and slower, becoming denser and denser, as it moves through the omniverse as creative potential.

The living pieces (universes, galaxies, planets, entities like us…) emerge from the life-energy, then they’re free to evolve, explore, and devise new realities as they see fit. How do they devise their new realities? With their consciousness—their thoughts, expectations, and intentions.

The source, I suspect, observes all the activity, intimately aware of what’s going on within each universe, within each flower, within each human life.

The source is always there with its eternal perfection, at the center of everything, to nourish and to support every entity in its evolutionary choices.

If we align to the source and resonate with it, we flourish. If we diverge and cause disharmony, we suffer.

That might be a fundamental premise for existence everywhere in the cosmos:

To Flourish, Consciously Connect to the Source

There are various ways to foster conscious contact with the source, and (for us humans) they all involve, first of all, clearing the mind of its clutter then resting in the silence.

The process typically involves practices like meditation or contemplative prayer.

Here’s a link to my all-time favorite technique—heart meditation—and some additional links for other techniques that can help us humans to foster conscious contact with the source.

The more we consciously connect to the source, the more we feel at one with the cosmos.

That’s where humanity is ultimately heading, I believe: recognizing its oneness with the cosmos—whether led there by scientists or by mystics… or, best-case scenario, by mystical scientists.

# # #

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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11 Responses to Terra 04 — How Our Material Universe Came To Be

  1. W Becker says:

    Hello, Mark, thank you for the article. This is a field of enquiry that has been of interest to me, as well. And, yes, matter as a derivative of consciousness is probably the reality. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case that if we all believed in a flat Earth, one would manifest. This issue is analogous to Einstein’s comment about the Moon, concerning which he was in error:


    “We often discussed his notions on objective reality. During one walk…

    “Einstein suddenly stopped, turned to me and asked whether I really believed that the moon exists only when I look at it.”

    Abraham Pais, fellow physicist with Einstein at Princeton

    Dean Radin spoke to this “mind over matter” concept, but the best answer I’ve found on Einstein’s question is from the research of physicist Tom Campbell.

    On my website, I’ve offered about 100 short articles featuring the quantum question. If you like, you can survey it here: http://wordgems.net/quantum.html

    Best regards, Wayne

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Wayne,
      You certainly do have an interest in the subject, to a say the least.
      I glanced through the quantum page of your website just now, and will definitely dig in deeper in the coming days.
      Thanks for the link! And sorry for the delay finding your comment waiting patiently to be approved.
      Best regards,

    • Mark Macy says:

      PS – I realize now that Swejen’s statement about Varid being “as flat then as it is round now…” determined by “the spirit” of the population, has stewed uneasily in the back of my mind for about 20 years, and I only think I understand it now, as I was writing this article. It has to do with the collective consciousness being the determining factor of Varid physics, not the actual structure of things, which is the determining factor of Earth physics.

      It’s still mind-boggling to me, but it gives me a sense of how things apparently work in subtler realms, where entities shape their realities with their thoughts. And I suspect it’s the principle that’s leading us into quantum physics.


  2. Mark Borcherding says:

    Mark Macy,

    I agree about Consciousness and the /recognizing its oneness/ with the
    cosmos and the Source  Consciousness that created the cosmos.

    We see the “oneness” in John 14:20 in the Bible.

    We also see it in the Mayan name for the Source  Consciousness which is
    “Hunab Ku”
    Meaning Hun(One) Ab(Being) Ku(Holy)

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks MarkB,

      Nice hearing from you again!

      The affirmation of Christian and traditional mysticism is much appreciated.

      I hope all’s well in your life……..


  3. Pat Sypult says:

    Perception is the key in any of the universes we inhabit.
    The Mandela Effect is real.
    As real as this comment.
    Flat Earth or Globe Earth.
    Flashing sun or a moon that looks different to other people simultaneously.
    What I see and hear may be different than what you experience even
    though we are standing side by side.
    Things are changing more each day.
    Life is not what it used to be.
    Neither is reality.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Pat,

      Putting perception in its place is a huge piece of the puzzle, I agree.
      Maybe the other half is making conscious contact with the source, where we can start to see through perceptions into a greater reality.


  4. John R.M. Day says:

    I always thought it was something like that…far out, and close in.

  5. Mark Macy says:

    I like that, John, “far out, and close in.”
    It might leak into my writing. 🙂

    (I thought of John Denver while reading your comment.
    He frequently said, “Far out!” apparently to express his amazement and happiness.
    Love his music!)

  6. kate says:

    I love this article, especially at the end when you say ‘best still being led by mystical scientists’. We can’t even see an atom only reactions of an atom which means assumptions are made by scientists, there’s so much we don’t know.

  7. Mark Macy says:

    Still looking… curious….

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