Love and Good Will… But What About Trust?

When we leave the Earth, many of us resume living in finer paradise worlds of the astral realm… what our spirit friends at Timestream have called “the fifth level of human existence,” what is sometimes called “the higher astral planes.” It’s a timeless, beautiful existence—communities of people-in-spirit with subtle bodies like ours but at the prime of life and the peak of health… people who’s strongest compulsions include the desire to be of service to others. It’s what most Christians call Heaven, what Muslims call Jannah, and what spiritualists call the Summerland.

It’s a place of love, trust, and good will, more or less the last stop for humans… because beyond that subtle, brilliant realm of iridescent colors that we on Earth can only imagine, where flowers glow from within, where finely spun structures are easily shifted by thought… beyond that is the ethereal realm, where structure disappears altogether and formless light beings have minds like supercomputers programmed with eternal love and wisdom.

This picture of Jeannette (the large face), her daughter Nancy Carol (in the dark dress), and Hollywood producer Hal Roach, was sent to us via computer from the fifth level. It gives a small taste of the beauty in that realm. (click on it to view it full size)

Jeannette, Nancy Carol, and Hal Roach on the Fifth Level

Jeannette was the wife of ITC pioneer George Meek. After she died in 1990 and awakened on the third level (which is a lot like the Earth in terms of the dense structures and the mixed attitudes of the people), she soon began working with a guide, who helped her refine her thoughts and attitudes of love, trust, and good will to the point that she could resonate with and “ascend to” the fifth level. It was in that light and subtle world where she resumed life with her daughter and many other humans who had likewise refined themselves for life in the ultimate human paradise.

(Note added 2017 June 5: The picture above was received by ITC researcher Maggy Fischbach in November 1992, according to Maggy’s CETL Infonews issue 93/01, which I published in English at the time.)


In order for us on Earth to maintain a connection with people at the fifth level, we have to refine our attitudes of love and good will to the point that we can resonate with them. That—resonance—is the key to communication and rapport. It is the quality that makes ITC possible. If we indulge in spirit communication from a place of love and good will, we foster a working relationship with warm-hearted beings from these finer levels who give us unwavering support.

In other words, it’s important to foster our noble side… not an easy thing to do here on Earth with our hormones and egos that pull us toward the savage side on a daily basis, giving us sparks of suspicion, resentment, and fear. Through inner work, gently guiding our awareness to our heart and soul, we can gradually learn to silence our savage side… but it’s not easy.

The point I’m trying to make here is that when we get settled in on the fifth level of human existence after we die, then love, trust, and good will become a way of life, quite simply and naturally… whereas here on Earth it’s a struggle. Being too noble amid the noble-savage currents of worldly affairs can get us in trouble. If we’re too trusting, worldly forces will take our assets and break our hearts.

My son Aaron says, trust people but cut the cards… (in case they’ve stacked the deck in their favor).

The Prophet Mohammed said, trust in God but tie up your camel… (because someone might be tempted to steal it… people have their savage side)

My wife Regina says, trust God and love people… (because only God has the solutions to all human problems, be they addiction or grief or….)

My conclusion from all that is, yes, love people. Harbor good will toward people. But put your complete trust only in God. Trust people cautiously… only insofar as you can do so safely, knowing that we all share a noble-savage nature here on Earth.

Guided by that understanding, life here can be a rare adventure!

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