ITC Gem 20: Timestream and Other Spirit Groups

Editor’s Note: Many communications from Spirit Group Timestream, received at Station Luxembourg* between 1987 and 1991, provided glimpses of the spirit group, their spirit-world equipment, and their sending station in the part of spirit worlds sometimes called the “Third Level” or “mid-astal planes,” where many of us awaken after we die. The structures in those worlds are formed largely by the thoughts and expectations of their inhabitants fresh from the Earth and the manifestation powers of ethereal beings. I’ve woven lots of those descriptions into this article. (For a more intimate glimpse of Timestream… check this out…. )

These are some of the main characters at Timestream mentioned below. Swejen Salter, a human who died on a parallel world of Earth, was chosen as the head of Timestream for reasons explained in the article. Konstantin Raudive is a well-known pioneer in technical spirit communication who died in 1974 and joined Timestream. Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-91) was a world traveler, Orientalist, discoverer of Lake Tanganyika, and a writer. His best known work was the English translation of Arabian Nights. Technician is an ethereal being (angel) who has never lived in a physical body. Seth 3 is another ethereal being who takes part in ITC.

– – – Begin CETL Report – – –

Spirits Who Want to Stay in Touch

Many stations have been developed lately on the spirit side where friends and relatives of earth researchers can meet to discuss messages to send and how to send them. These spiritside players have lived in Africa, Scandinavia, India, China, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and other countries, but are now joined by the common goal of opening the communication channels between Heaven and Earth.

The stations are like sophisticated telephone booths sitting side by side. People use them to try to make contact with someone on earth.

A real city has been built. Machinery is used to construct buildings much faster than on Earth.

As Timestream was coming together in the late 1980s, before they called themselves “Timestream,” the team at first referred to itself as the Burton Group, and it consisted of Richard Francis Burton, Swejen Salter, Michel Fischbach (a relative of Luxembourg researcher Maggy Harsch-Fischbach), J.P. Sherer, Nic Scherer, and others. Each is in an astral body.

The researchers wrote at the time:

The members have differing opinions and headstrong attitudes. They and other members of the group each have special qualities and responsibilities.

The Technician supervises all communications in cooperation with higher beings.

Sir Richard Francis Burton is driven by inner restlessness. His deep voice was first heard in the Spring of 1988 and encouraged the researchers never to give up their attempts at voice contact. He speaks German with an English accent.

Dr. Swejen Salter (1949-87) was assigned to Earth to help with ITC work and was placed in charge of Timestream experiments by the Technician. Her ITC experience is invaluable, keeping the earthside researchers safe from unseen dangers.

Dr. Konstantin Raudive takes care of the ethical, moral and philosophical discourses. He speaks to the inner man. He once asked us through the Luxembourg equipment configuration called Burton Bridge 2 (description below) to give his greetings to EVP and ITC researchers everywhere:

I have a large circle of friends and acquaintances from many countries and different corners of the world. They try to reach me and wish to establish contact with me. I receive much news and so many questions and try to give an answer to all of them. However, most people cannot receive my answers in the manner you do. Even I cannot split myself into a thousand pieces. Please tell the people that I make every effort to reach them and convey my sincere thanks to them and my best greetings!

When I asked that perhaps we are keeping him too busy in Luxembourg, he replied:

No, no, I like to do this! It is part of my task and my calling on this side.

The spirit group Timestream has meanwhile changed constantly. It is much larger and is now in contact with other spirit groups.

Machines in Spirit

The Burton Bridge (in the late 1980s) gets voice contacts through radio and TV, telephone dialog, computer texts and video pictures.

Swejen Salter described one picture sent through a TV at Station Luxembourg:

On this picture we show you the building of our communication station Cozeit. From this building the group Timestream and Central try to communicate with you. People of all nationalities do research here and go in and out. Many of them I do not know. Not all of them use technical methods. With the help of the large antenna, standing against the mountain, we transmit all communication that reaches you.

Timestream’s multipurpose equipment is a box-like shape. The “apparatus” is 117 m high in the shape of a building. The towers of the apparatus are like stalactites and seem to grow. There are box-like structures inside and out containing myriad electronic parts and crystals.

The apparatus on the spiritside is not a piece of equipment that can be switched on and off at will. It is an entire system comprising machines and people. Those working in ITC are part of the system, as are those who provide positive support to the projects.

No contacts are forced, each session has lessons to be learned, and lessons of one ITC session must be learned before the next is allowed to begin.

By the Grace of Angels

The Technician and Seth 3 seem to form the link between the higher spiritual realms and all ITC work going on in the lower planes.

Technician: “We have selected Swejen Salter to expand communication between higher beings and men. She is presently the only one who fully understands our ITC instructions. There are of course other people who receive communication from us but this is done through channeling and the mind.”

Telepathcially channeled messages from the higher planes are changed as much as 80 percent to accommodate the thoughts, vocabulary and personality of the human channel.

During ITC communications, the recipient must be ready mentally and spiritually to accept information, and then the information sent will be reasonably pure when received on Earth.

Asked about the lighting in the pictures coming from the spiritside, the Technician explained:

“It is the Light of a higher spirit being. Without this light you could not see the picture.”

Could we compare that Light to the “physical” light, or light of the electromagnetic spectrum, that we see through our eyes?

“You could compare it. What you see as Light sources are other beings beyond the third (astral) level without whose help humans of the third level could not manifest themselves.”

– – – End CETL Report – – –

* CETL: Cercle d’Etudes sur la Transcommunication – Luxembourg (translated as Luxembourg Study Circle in Transcommunication… often called, simply, “Station Luxembourg”)

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9 Responses to ITC Gem 20: Timestream and Other Spirit Groups

  1. Leslie Harris says:


    “You could compare it. What you see as Light sources are other beings beyond the third (astral) level, without whose help humans of the third level could not manifest themselves.”

    That is a most useful piece of information and it goes towards explaining the nature of the ‘mid astral level’. This tends to confirm that the ‘mid astral level’ is a mind construct (think of what you would like and there it is) but a mind construct that is made possible only through entities in yet higher levels.

    This returns me to the question of the purpose of the ‘mid astral level’. Accepting that it is facilitated by higher entities, it is unlikely to be a whim. (If it is a whim, they must be extraordinarily busy, given the global death rate [in 2008] of 52 million.)

    Logic would suggest that the ‘mid astral level’ is a flagstone on the path to further development. It would be deeply interesting to know what that development might be. Sadly, this does not appear to include anything that will improve this planet.

    Your noble/savage comments suggest an attempt to change the balance. It is changing, but not for the better. The savage side increases in power minute by minute – just read the world press each day! And I just can’t envisage anything that will ever reverse that.

    Gloom notwithstanding, specific information about the ‘mid astral level’ is welcome and heartening.


  2. Stephen says:

    Somewhat disconcerting that we might have to depend on higher beings to grant us existence in the afterlife. Aren’t all soul units self-sustaining? That’s what the vast literature says and I thought most of ITC work.


  3. Stephen says:

    You know…lol, what if “they” decide not to grant us afterlife existence one “day”?

  4. As I understand it, afterlife existence or spiritual existence is THE reality, a given… and couldn’t be denied anything on Earth. Everything has a soul, and at the soul level we are all one. Each soul, as a piece of ‘the source,’ is (as you say) self-sustaining and eternal. For us humans, a lifetime on Earth is just a short escape from that reality into an illusion. The illusion here is so compelling to our physical mind and etches worldly scenarios so deeply into our mental patterns, that they become like blemishes on the outer skin of our spirit body. Until we can shed that outer skin (the astral body) and move to subtler, purer realms, those pockets of paradise facilitated by the ethereal beings provide us, after we die, with a pleasant ‘halfway house’ on our soul journey back to the source.
    I agree that the numbers seem staggering–millions of people dying each year, moving into that halfway house. Just trying to get time in the bathroom for a shower and shave must be tough. (yuk yuk)
    I suspect for ethereal beings, who can create entire worlds, the situation is manageable.
    Still, as Technician said in another contact, “In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in human species meet to decide on the continuation of The Project…”
    If The Project is humanity on Earth, and if it someday becomes clear to the ethereals that it just ain’t workin’… that life in this dense dimension so far removed from the center invariably becomes too messy… then maybe they’d decide to pull in the ranks, round up the strays (lost souls, ghosts, negative spirits…), and move the herd up to a finer level of existence.
    Just speculation….

  5. On the other hand… if we can bring order and peace to the affairs of Earth (for example, with tools like “the Vitality Ratio”), then I think we humans would have a much better prospect for a long-term future on this beautiful, rugged living pearl spinning through space.

  6. Stephen says:

    I guess what I mean is is that an astral plane inhabited by people would be sustained by the mind constructs of those people, not from a higher being, save, perhaps, Source itself, which would include those very same people in its firmament.

  7. Yes!
    I think the details of that world are sustained by the mind constructs of its inhabitants… and I also think the ethereals have the manifestation ability to enhance or amplify… and probably also to purify those mind constructs to make them seem solid, real, and vibrant.
    Apparently the nearer a being is to the Source (or, the finer its vibration is), the more powerful its manifestation ability is…

  8. christine jones says:

    i have always wanted to know what happens to factory farmed animals,never seem to hear anything from the other side about them

    • Hi Christine,
      I published an article that addresses that. It’s titled “Cattle Madness and Human Madness,” and you can read it here (on page 10):

      It ends with this statement:
      “The slaughtered cattle are received here by good people and after the period of regeneration are being led to the big herds of Master Pescator in the Moreysia Mountains.”

      “Master Pescator” is the name used by the late Jesus of Nazareth. Apparently he has a large following in the spirit world who, among other things, tend to vast herds of animals who had suffered on Earth, where meat-eating has become a way of life over the millennia.


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